In practicing the Medicine for the Earth principles it is important for us to keep following where the flow of the river of life is taking us.

I continue to receive correspondence from practitioners from all spiritual traditions. So many of us are experiencing different life circumstances that are drawing us within and away from focusing on the outer world.

And at the same time I continue to get correspondence from people who have been withdrawn from the outer world for years and are ready to come out and do some type of service whether it be teaching, volunteer work, healing work with clients, etc.

We are all being asked to follow the flow that life is guiding us to. Where I find the problems occurring is when people refuse to listen to the signs that are being given. For those who need to go within for awhile and don’t heed the signs around them a disaster can force one to withdraw from the outer world.

And I have also seen people forced to find a way to work more in the outer world when they have gotten too attached to “being a hermit”.

There is so much we must attend to in our spiritual evolution during such a time of great change. I am sure you can see that changes keep increasing and getting more dramatic. And it is so important to follow your inner wisdom and guidance right now. It is essential in order to thrive to watch omens, trust your deep inner feelings, keep listening to the inner messages you are getting.

And if you are guided to go within, go within before you are forced to follow the deep calling of your soul. And if you are being guided to do more in the outer world then do that. We each need to align ourselves with the flow of where life is bringing us. Basically we each need to respond to where our soul is guiding us to.

Working with the elements in nature is a great way to move into what indigenous people call “deep listening”. Nature can move us into a trance state where our rational mind quiets down and we can listen to the deep guidance rising from within.

Sitting by running water such as a river, stream, waterfall can help you be transported away from the ordinary allowing your inner wisdom to rise up. Watching the waves in the ocean creates a state of opening so you can listen to the messages of your soul.

Finding a place on the earth where you can look out into the distance can take you away from daily thoughts and allow inner guidance to be heard.

Sitting in the breezes or winds of summer – just listening – allowing your ordinary thoughts to fly away and be replaced by your inner voice can provide guidance for you right now.

Building a campfire in a campground and gazing into the fire is an old way of moving into a deep trance where your own spirit can fill you with guidance needed to create your next steps in life. Or watching the flame of a candle can do the same.

This month use the elements of nature to move you into a place of “deep listening” where you can receive the inner guidance containing the messages of what you need to do and how you need to take care of yourself during these times.

As you know I love to write. I am on the final edits of two new books which will be published in January and March of 2010. And I have already published 6 other books. Writing is a way for me to tap into my inner guidance and deep inner wisdom. And it is a way for me to follow my passion by sharing with a global community what I learn from my own intuition as well as from the guidance of my helping spirits.

Many writers talk about having writer’s block. And there were times in my life where I felt plagued by writer’s block. Early on in my writing career I started to realize that there is no such thing as writer’s block.

For when there are no words coming that is when there is a deep inner process of gestation happening. And I have come to realize that this is the most important part of writing. The gestation process, the deep silence, when nothing seems to be happening is when the most important ideas are being prepared to be birthed.

So over the years I learned to trust the place where it seemed like nothing was happening and there was nothing to say. For I knew that some deep process was going on inside me that would eventually be birthed. And so I stopped suffering when no words were coming. Rather I just gave in and realized that as soon as the process would be complete I would feel the rising of an energy that would bring me to my computer and then the flow into the outer would begin.

I think this is true not just for writing but all we birth into the world. For there is a process to all birthing that requires a gestation process. And I meet and hear from so many people who get frustrated when they feel that they are blocked from their creativity or from moving forward in life.

I think it is important to set your intention of wanting to receive guidance on the next steps to take in your life. And then to trust the inner gestation process that occurs where new ideas will be born from. You cannot rush the process.

For some the timing is such that a flow of wisdom and information will flow. And for some of you the process is slower and it simply has to do with timing.

Over the years I have seen many clients who were given a life threatening diagnosis by their doctor. Often a client would come to me asking if I do shamanic healing work on their behalf will they live or die?

My response to this question is that our egoic and rational mind does not always know what the next step in our healing journey is. For some it is life and for some it is death. Only our own soul knows what the next step is.

I share with clients that the shamanic work will strengthen their soul to make the decision for the next step of their process. This is also true in all transitions that life presents us with. It is really our own soul that knows what the next step is.

We are all being guided right now as we are being asked to change within and also in how we live our lives so that balance and harmony can return to the planet.

In the past I have written that the earth is giving us a wake up call. Well our own souls are asking for us to wake up now too.

Find ways to practice “deep listening”. Learn to trust your own spirit that what you need to know will be revealed to you in the right timing as long as you follow the flow of where you life is taking you.

The full moon is August 6. Let’s continue to gather our divine light together and weave a brilliant web of light within and throughout the earth.

And let’s continue our transfiguration work to support our global community.

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