The core principle of the Medicine for the Earth work is that it is who you become that changes the world and not what you do. This means we must live the work and over the years we have been exploring different aspects of this principle.

Last month I wrote about the need to surrender to our inner divine spirit that knows the bigger picture and has more wisdom about what we need than our egos do.

This month I am writing about letting go. This is just another aspect of surrender.

Here is the example my helping spirits gave me when I journeyed on this month’s Transmutation News. Part of the Medicine for the Earth work is learning how to live life filled with joy. And when we live life filled with joy, the energy of joy exudes naturally from us as water springs forth from a deep well.

Many of us attach the experience of joy to outer events rather than allow joy to flow through us. When we attach our joy or any feeling such as love to outer events we become dependent on what is happening outside of us in determining how we feel on a particular day.

And the truth of the matter is that when we do this all good feelings of joy, love, wonder, harmony will be fleeting as conditions of life change moment to moment. Safety and security fall into this principle also. For as our outer world changes one minute you feel safe and one minute you do not. One day you might feel secure in your job and then the economy changes and your outer job security might now be at risk.

As the world continues to change, transition, and evolve we are being asked to continue our deep inner exploration and find joy, love, safety, security, etc. that permanently lives inside of us and is not dependent on changing outer conditions.

Sounds good – doesn’t it – but not always so easy to do. I don’t have “a recipe” to do this but I can tell you that setting an intention is key and also surrendering to spirit is important.

My spirits shared with me the importance of staying with the minute to minute experiences that tap us into our inner well of joy, love, safety, and security. Take a walk and just experience the beauty of the planet – independent of what is happening environmentally. No matter what is happening the planet is still filled with great beauty. Experience the simple joys of life that are not dependent on what is happening in your life.

We can see the laughter and the brilliance of light in the eyes of indigenous people who might be living in extreme poverty with nothing tangible that we might associate with happiness. That joy, laughter, light is coming from the depth of an inner well. It is a joy for life itself with no conditions.

Sit with this principle, meditate on it, journey on it, take walks holding your questions and experience if you can begin to find some doorway in to the inner core of your being that experiences safety, security, joy, and love independent of what life brings to you.

This is going to be key in the coming times in order to live the work. For life will continue to bring such great changes to help to bring us back to harmony again. And it is the inner core of our being that stays centered and harmonious in the midst of change.

After I wrote the above I went out for a walk in nature. As I was walking I received a message to add to what I have written here, a reminder I have given you many times over the years.

There is a delicate dance between creation/manifestation work with your egoic desires, your helping spirits, and your own divinity. The divine and your helping spirits see everything that happens in life in a neutral way and as a learning/growth/evolutionary experience. There is no judgement about a life experience being good or bad. Illness, being homeless, being out of job is all a growth experience.

Therefore it is important to state your desires and not put all choices in the hands of spiritual forces. And then you can work in cooperation and collaboration with the spiritual world while at the same time surrendering to a larger picture beyond your comprehension. But it is important to note that the spirits expect you to make choices and state your desires as part of your life journey this time around. The dance is around getting clear on what you want and at the same time letting go to the highest manifestation of your desires.

The universe is giving us what triggers us to teach us how to ride the waves and stay centered. Staying present in the moment, observing your thoughts and feelings, and staying non judgmental helps you to ride all the waves from a centered and stable place.

Pain is inevitable but your suffering is controllable by your response to what is happening around you.

Allow your huge emotions to come up. If you judge them or analyze them, or try to repress or get rid of them you can’t stay centered. As you work with using the power of words, decrees, affirmations feel them in your heart so your unconscious can grab onto them which works with the conscious mind to bring into manifestation your heart’s desires.

Everyday hold in your heart what you love. Place your hands on your heart and really experience deep love for someone, something in nature, the planet. Keep doing this throughout the day. This starts to shift your energy and thoughts from feeding what isn’t working to what you love with the energy needed to hold, heal, and support that which is sacred in your life and on the planet right now.

Find a small rock or pebble that you can keep in your pocket. As you feel this rock or pebble ask yourself, “What am I thinking and doing right now that leads me to where I desire to be?” Stop throughout the day and ask yourself “What am I thinking, feeling, and what energy am I feeding right now?”

The full moon is April 9. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant worldwide web of light bringing love and healing through our willingness to shine.

And on April 9 we also continue our monthly transfiguration practice in behalf of our global community as is included on the Transmutation Page under “Creating A Human Web of Light”.

I wanted to let you know that How to Heal Toxic Thoughts is now available in Spanish. Planeta in Mexico has published Liberate de pensamientos toxicos: Herramientas sencillas para tu transformacion personal.

Sylvia Edwards is the webmaster of and She is a brilliant shamanic practitioner and teacher. For the past couple of years Sylvia has been working in collaboration with spirit to bring forth a new healing modality. She paints on a round flat disk specific colors and symbols in a pattern to produce a frequency which changes something going on in our energy fields. She has reduced a few of these to wallet size and they are available for sale.

One of these is the Divine Disconnect Healing Disk. Looking at this for just a few seconds clears everything out of one’s energy field that isn’t a Divine connection and sends it back to the source from which it came with a higher vibration so that it is unlikely to return.

I keep one of the Divine Disconnect Healing Disks on my desk and use it throughout the day. The first time I used it I received quite a physical healing as I felt energies being released from me that did not serve me. Now I look at it when I need to and find it is a potent way to bring me back into my spiritual divine light.

To get more information or to order these healing disks, you can go to Sylvia’s website or e-mail Sylvia at

Something to think about:

A few months ago I watched on the news a story about Jacob Massaquoi who is a refugee from Liberia. Jacob lives in New York and has nothing in the material world to speak of yet he has become quite famous for his work to help other African refugees. The newsperson conducting an interview with Jacob asked him how someone who has so little could help so many. His response was:
“The problem is that people don’t think big enough”.

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