There are many paradoxes that we all must live with. We live and function as the ego small “i” and also as we transfigure embrace the principle that we are source and are also the big “I”.

In this paradox we are facets of the creator and are unique as creative beings. At the same time we are part of an entire organism. Sometimes we get lost in the aspect that we are the only ones creating change in the world. When really it is the organism that we are part of that is changing. We feel responsible to make a change as independent from the organism we are merely part of. Go back to the metaphor that I have been using where we are fingers that think we are independent from the rest of the body.

Yes, we are all aspects of the creative forces of the universe and in this way we do create in the world. At the same time the organism we are a part of is evolving and part of our work is to surrender to the life force we are part of. This means that we are not always in control of the changes that are happening. The metaphor that I keep getting in my journeys is that we have to learn to surf the waves of transition and change. We have to understand that the organism we are all part of is changing and taking us as “fingers” along with the changes.

This does not mean that we should stop doing our creative work as facets of the creator. But this also means that we have to surrender to the process of evolution. This is part of the paradox we all need to live with right now.

In the February Transmutation News I wrote about Chase Carter’s music CDs. He sent me a sample of a new CD he is working on. The vibration on this CD is pretty high so I find myself getting transcendent information when I listen to it.

While I was listening to the CD I was looking at transmuting the energies of fear and jealousy. I received some very interesting information.

Fear and jealousy are part of our DNA code for survival of the fittest. As we act out of our animal nature there is the experience of competition for resources and the energies of jealousy as we have a drive for procreation.

As the organism we are part of is evolving the need for these behaviors is changing. We are part of an organism that is evolving to working with psychic powers such as clairvoyance and telepathy being the norm instead of being extraordinary powers. The organism is evolving to sharing resources instead of competing for resources. And procreation will not be the overriding force of life.

Our DNA code needs to change to embrace this new evolution. Many teachers are writing about how we have the ability to change our DNA code for healing the body. I see that we need to change our DNA code for this new evolution of consciousness where we are more in touch with our psychic powers and the energy of love and light. Most of us work towards experiencing love and light. The new evolution of consciousness is where this is a natural state.

The children coming in will naturally have this new evolution of consciousness coded in their DNA. We already see this with many children coming in only experiencing love and are clairvoyant and are telepaths. But we will see more of this.

Think about computers. The new computers you buy already have the upgrades installed. For those of us who are the older model we must install an upgrade.

In your meditations and journeys hold the intention of changing your DNA code to evolve to the new frequencies of the organism we are part of. We are all evolving together.

I do believe that those who can evolve with the new frequencies will survive and thrive in the coming times ahead.

As we are spirits embodied our bodies are the vessel for our spiritual work. As the frequencies on the planet keep raising we must strengthen our bodies to be able to contain these higher frequencies.

So please keep finding exercise programs and practices such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong to support your body. And of course pay attention to the kind of diet that keeps you strong and healthy. We can’t do a spiritual bypass. Our bodies must be supported to keep being a strong container for our spirit.

On this note it is spring. Get outside and be in nature. Experience all the new growth and take in the beauty. This is the best exercise for our body, mind, and our spirit. For nature nurtures us on all levels.

Continue the practice of absorbing light from the sun, the food you eat, the water you drink and bathe in, and the air you breathe. Take in the light as you inhale and give it back as you exhale.

Keep doing your transfiguration practice to experience a state of radiance and oneness. But also try to meditate and connect with the physical organism that you are part of. Experience your connection and the growth that is happening. Experience the changes in the earth and the frequency. And most of all experience the abundance of life force.

Victoria Hoch wrote this wonderful poem after being at a Medicine for the Earth Gathering. She gave me permission to share this with you.

Sunflower’s Song

Everyday I devour the fire of the full sun like a lord’s feast.
Protected by my sheath of leathery leaves, dry winds cannot harm me.

Sun sprung from earth-warmed seeds scattered by storms, I bloom intensely yellow.
The blue sky is my feathered crown and I am rooted in happiness.

My sun-saturated petals are victory flags for bees.

This full bloomed summer self will end when nights grow cold.
I loosen seeds about me like a shower of worlds.

But today is a sun-gilded one and I a petal-ed trumpet.

Nothing diminishes my burning bloom, the blaze of life’s fire.
I claim my bold brightness and sing the song that comes-

Fierce happiness.

The full moon is May 23. Let’s continue to weave a radiant web of life within and throughout the earth. And as much as possible keep initiating others in your community into this practice.

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