My journeys and meditations have continued on the theme of the May and June Transmutation News. So let’s continue with the understanding that we are part of an organism and not separate fingers or body parts having an independent life.

Think about how all the organs and parts of the body are fed by the nutrients flowing throughout the body. If a part of the body does not take in and absorb the nutrients it becomes ill.

I was told in my meditations that it is so important for us to settle into our place as part of the organism to receive the nutrients of the organism of which we are part of.

We chose as divine and spiritual beings of light to come and be part of a physical organism during this life. As divine spiritual beings we are also part of a divine spiritual organism.

There are many ways that we have created separation from the whole web we are part of. Just one way is how we have separated ourselves from nature. Animals and other life forms live on the earth and are part of nature throughout the day. We have built houses with artificial materials which cut us off from the elements. We often eat artificial food and our food usually comes “packaged”.

During this month focus on settling in and receive true spiritual and physical nurturance from the organism we are all part of. Allow yourself to receive abundantly from the earth, air, water, and the sun. Reconnect with the natural forces which are feeding us and giving us life.

In the past as I have spoken about the practice of transfiguration I have said it is a way to reestablish coherence in our bodies. In a state of coherence our cells are communicating with each other in perfect symphony allowing cellular repair to occur. When that communication breaks down illness occurs.

As we allow ourselves to reconnect with the organism we are part of and evolve with it and receive and absorb nurturance from it we reestablish coherence for the organism. Healing and evolution can occur in a harmonious fashion.

As part of earth we are like the trees and plants growing through the sun. We each grow into our own uniqueness and beauty as we continue to grow towards the sun.

As humans our life cycle is longer than some of the other species here. We have more time to grow, evolve, and to keep flowering. That is where our continued creation work comes in as we keep evolving into our beauty and shining our light in the world.

Part of experience here is to learn about surrender and part is to learn about how to develop our growth and evolution. If you watch the growth of plants there is a great deal of concentration needed to burst through the seed and manifest form onto the earth.

Years ago I journeyed back thousands of years and asked to meet the ancient ancestors who were responsible for creating such things as the pyramids. Scientists really cannot adequately explain how such structures were built.

When I met with the ancestors I got a very short answer which was the people of your time don’t have a clue what the word concentration means.

Growth and creation do take concentration. We have to surrender to some of the conditions we are given in which our growth occurs. But we are responsible for how we create our lives given certain events and conditions.

I have been writing quite a bit about concentration. It is so key and it is an element we are so lacking in our busy lives. Here is a short exercise for you to try this month.

Take some simple task that you perform in your life or at work. It could be watering plants, or preparing a meal, or writing a short report at work. Give it your full concentration. You can even try singing a song with complete concentration. Notice the difference in the energy that you feel in your body as you do this. Notice the difference of the energy surrounding the task you completed. This will give you an idea of how you can change the world around you if you learned how to concentrate and focus more in living your life and performing your spiritual work.

In workshops where concentration is needed to perform spiritual practices it is common for participants to complain that they are distracted by their mind chatter. We have allowed ourselves to get distracted so easily as we have not learned how to train our minds. Our minds are like a muscle that needs to be trained. If you can start with simple exercises more and more you will learn the power of concentration and focus.

This has also been part of our transmutation of negative thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs practice that we have been doing for years. The more you learn how to stop your reactions and learn how to work with the energy coming up the more you train your mind how to focus on a positive way of being. This impacts your own life in a positive way as well as the entire web of life. For every change in consciousness you make affects the entire web of life.

The full moon is July 21. Let’s continue to weave a light filled web within and around the earth. Let’s do this with concentration and focus and with a strong intention of what we want to create in the world. Let’s open our hearts to all of life as we do this with love. Do this from a place of transfiguring into source and a state of oneness in union and harmony with all. And let our imagination dream the world we want to live in into being.

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