Listen with Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing and Nature

150 Min. DVD

"Those interested in various methods of healing will garner a wealth of understanding about Shamanism and what this ancient art can do for personal and planetary healing. They will also gain much insight into some of the subtle realms of perception the shaman experiences and how these can be developed in oneself.
As people attempt to cope with their own and planetary illness--trying to find joy, peace and happiness along the way---Ingerman’s message will strike a deep and resonant chord. Her sincerity and straightforward approach should have special appeal for those who have experienced subtle states of perception as well as those who are interested in finding spiritual solutions to personal and planetary illness.“

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About the Book

This up close encounter with internationally recognized Shaman and teacher of shamanism, Sandra Ingerman offers inspiration and guides us to live a healthy joyful life filled with abundance and peace for ourselves and all of life.

Filmmaker and meditation practitioner Victor Demko, in this, his third feature documentary healing art film with a mystical healing arts practitioner combines his in-depth spiritual training and desire to get out of the way as a filmmaker to help convey Sandra’s generous offering of deep healing insights and wisdom based on the 40,000 year old tradition of Shamanism as a prescription for moving us toward a greater consciousness of the power of our thoughts, words and actions on ourselves and the planet. This deceptively simple film is carefully paced and crafted so it may be viewed and experienced as a 150 minute mini retreat for those who wish to treat it as such and/or as a way to deepen one’s knowledge of healing and shamanism.

It’s not what’s included in Listen With Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature that helps support Sandra’s attuning us to our natural rhythm with nature; earth, water, fire, and air that is both us and all around us that is most important but what’s not included (visual or mind distractions that often take us away from our natural state of inner listening).

This heart felt time with Sandra that also includes two guided journeys and a special wellness blessing is carefully designed and paced to give viewers their own experience of having personal time with one of the preeminent teaching practitioners in the tradition of shamanism.

This special offering of Listen With Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature comes in a beautifully packaged glossy 4 sided wallet style case with a full scene selection menu for easy reference.

Perfect for yourself or sharing with friends and loved ones.

Listen With Your Heart is a film you will want to experience again and again.

Publisher: The Center for Healing Arts
Publication Year: 2008
Format: DVD
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