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In the April, 2023 Transmutation News I announced that I will be teaching an online course where we take a deeper dive into the Medicine for the Earth work.

You are invited to join us for:

Taking Medicine for the Earth Work to higher Frequencies for the Benefit of our Health and the Planet.

We have done great so far using the tools and practices Isis and other mystics shared that I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins.  

But is there a way for us to move forward with the work to experience more of the miracles that Isis and the helping spirits I work with say are possible? We can work from a higher place of light.

In the April newsletter I listed some questions to reflect on. And I think these questions are a perfect summary of what practices we need to review and how we can deepen the work so the work becomes truly who we are.

Some of this workshop will be going over practices to experience how you can take them deeper into your inner world. And there will be new practices I never taught before.

We need the discipline to bring intention, love, unity, concentration, focus, harmony, and imagination fully into our practice as this is the formula for creating miracles taught in the Medicine for the Earth work.

  • Do you feel completely at one with Source? Or do you need to perform the creation story journey again to see how much love went into your creation. Has Source guided you to how you can create miracles like Source does?
  • What is the vibration emanating from your mouth through your words, thoughts, and daydreams? Do you use words to bless yourself or curse yourself and others? Some old mystics say illness comes from what you put in your mouth and what comes out of your mouth.
  • How deep is your transfiguration work? And if it is not deep why not?
  • Have you connected to your ancestors and descendants? Have you broken unhealthy contracts with them? Have you learned great wisdom from them?
  • Do you remember all the practices and ceremonies that allow you to create your greatest dreams?
  • How alive are your invisible senses? If not engaged and completely enlivened, what world are you living in?
  • If you engaged in the journey for the equinox of traveling to the mistress or master of daydreams did you really focus on where your work is lacking and what changes did you make in your life after you performed this journey?
  • How connected are you to the spirit of the land where you live, the elements, and nature beings?
  • Are you following the roadmap of the omens you are being presented with daily?
  • What energies are feeding with your daily practices? Use your imagination to draw out the map you are living based on your what energies you are feeding. The energies you are feeding are creating the life you are living.
  • What energies are you absorbing from life? That is a good one to look at. For you know the consequences of absorbing poisonous energies.
  • How much do you love yourself?

This will be a six-week course taught via zoom on Tuesdays at noon MST starting on June 13. We will skip the week of July 4 as that is a national US holiday. The course will end on July 25. I tried to find a time that would work for all time zones.

The prerequisite is taking Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light in person with me, or another teacher listed on or if you took an online class with me that will count too.

The online courses that would serve as a prerequisite are:

Healing with Spiritual Light is a film of a full Medicine for the Earth workshop I taught in Estes Park, Colorado

Cultivate Spiritual Immunity with Shamanic Medicine of the Earth is the course taught on line through the Shift Network.

Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity is also taught by the Shift Network.

The tuition is $250 and is completely non-refundable. So please be sure you are willing to commit to the course before signing up. The course will be recorded and the recordings will be available to download up until two weeks past the end of the course.

In these 90 – 120 minute sessions we will have time for practice, sharing, asking questions, and some interesting work in breakout rooms. And there will be a tremendous amount of love and laughter shared. I hope you feel called to join me.

For an application, please email your request to Sylvia Edwards at