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Free video session with Sandra Ingerman September 4, 2021

Shamanic Practices to Cultivate Spiritual Immunity For Yourself & the World: Access the Medicine of the Earth to Transmute Negative Energy, Heal Divides & Foster Wellbeing

There have been so many lockdowns and false starts back to living a full life after the pandemic. But the pandemic is not over. The challenges facing our planet especially due to climate change and a lack of respect towards nature troubles our heart and mind. We don’t know what to do. The division on the planet grows stronger every day.
During such times it is important to have spiritual tools not only to keep sane but also to find an unshakeable inner peace that imparts the inner strength to take steps each day to keep yourself healthy on every level. We can’t take every cause on right now. We spread ourselves too thin.
Right now we need to focus on our spiritual practice to push out the darkness and to make space for the light within us. This creates a clear channel between ourselves and the helping spirits as well as the creative forces of the universe. This separates us from all the division and puts us back into connection with the energies that have meaning to us.
All of you reading this know I have  complete faith in the Medicine for the Earth work. And due to the times we are facing I am teaching a seven week training through the Shift Network “Cultivate Spiritual Immunity with the Shamanic Practice of Medicine for the Earth”.
This work is timeless. And the reports I have received from students taking a Medicine for the Earth training  online or in person always gives glowing reports of how much the tools helped them move through the ever changing phases we are living in with grace and ease.
First the Shift Network has a free intro call where I can talk about the work.
You can register here for Shamanic Practices to Cultivate Spiritual Immunity For Yourself & the World: Access the Medicine of the Earth to Transmute Negative Energy, Heal Divides & Foster Wellbeing:
During this complimentary online workshop, you’ll:
  • Discover the importance of cultivating spiritual immunity for the health of our society, the planet, and your wellbeing
  • Learn about the shamanic Medicine of the Earth and how it can help us heal divides and transmute negative energies in our communities, families, and within ourselves
  • Be guided in a 10-minute shamanic journey to a beautiful place in nature to reflect on your thoughts about others, and if and how you will transform these thoughts — for your inner peace and healing and for theirs
  • Learn daily practices to catch yourself having toxic thoughts (of anger, betrayal, grief, or fear) and transmute them into positive, healing energy — for yourself and the world
  • Explore the many reasons shamanic journeys — to the future and back to the ancestors — can give us essential wisdom for navigating our present crises
My helping spirits have helped me to see how we have moved into such a place of division and how the spiritual community can act to create healing for ourselves and for each other.
On Saturday, September 4, at 11:00 am MDT in a powerful hour with me, you will discover spiritual immunity as the path out of separateness, chaos, and darkness, and into a place of unity, love, light, and kindness. A path that is a way forward in these times.
Register for the live event or to receive the recording.