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The shamanic journey is the art of using rhythm and intention to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality.

Here is your chance to experience Sandra’s complete foundational training on shamanic practice in an unprecedented format. This six-session on-demand online video course will provide you with the essentials for integrating the spiritual insights and techniques of shamanism into your life, including:

The shamanic journey-how to enter a new state of awareness and open your perceptions to the spirit world Guidelines for interpreting the information you receive, improving your recall, and deepening your experience Your spiritual allies-guided journeys for making contact with your power animals, ancestors, and guardian spirits The Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds-experience journeys into each of the three divisions of non-ordinary reality The shamanic approach to healing-how to make yourself a conduit for universal healing energy to benefit yourself and others “Seeing through the heart”-expanding your perceptions in real-world situations by connecting with the universal field Dealing with the ego-guidance for navigating the most common pitfalls of doubt and self-sabotage Your own journey style-how to dispel unhelpful preconceptions and learn to trust your unique way of receiving guidance and energy from the spirits Embodying wisdom-bringing your practice into your relationships, community, and every aspect of your life.

Experiencing the Shamanic Journey brings you in-depth online training in shamanic practice from Sandra Ingerman -with video instruction and guided journeys along with written materials to help you deepen your understanding. Click here to purchase this course from Sounds True.