Transmutation News – May 2004

I wrote this month’s Transmutation News the first week of April as I am in Scotland and England until April 30. I will let you know how my teaching went there next month.

Recently a friend of mine gave me a tape of a lecture Andrew Harvey gave at a Prophet’s Conference in Oxford, England last year. Although I felt I did not learn anything new his impassioned lecture gave me a lot to think about.

He spoke about an unprecedented holocaust of the environment and animals. He also spoke about the need to be active on all levels about this.

During the years of writing the Transmutation News I have written about my struggle of how to be of service to the planet in the best way right now. I do believe that the spiritual work we do does make a huge difference as everything that manifests on the physical world starts in the spiritual realms.

I have talked about the need to educate others about what is happening in the environment. The ignorance of Americans to “the environmental holocaust” is staggering. The feeling of entitlement that Americans have about the use of resources is amazing. I know that this is also true in other places besides America. But as I live here and get to see the news everyday and how people are choosing to ignore how humans are affecting all of life.

My struggle over the years is how to educate and be vocal about what is happening and at the same time not coat the earth with my anger.

Andrew Harvey talked about Gandhi and the Dalai Lama as a couple of examples of people who have been able to create change in potentially explosive situations by being able to hold the energy of compassion.

This is a place I am constantly striving to get to. For I want to be able to teach people about what needs to change without creating explosive anger at the same time. So I keep up my practice of transmuting my thoughts and feelings knowing this will keep me on the path of love.

As I have said before we all have a destiny to pursue. I cannot say how each one of us needs to act right now. But it does feel like the situation in the world is critical. I have seen the positive affects of communities of people gathering together to do spiritual work. I have seen how the spiritual work I have done for my trees where I live has made a difference. And I constantly hold the question of how else can I be in service? What else should I add to what I am already doing?

It is so important not to become complacent in our work and to keep looking at what is important to add to our life and practice right now. Keep looking. Keep asking the spirits you work with for guidance. We will all be shown different ways and different paths. And this is part of the beauty of this time. The answers do not lie in one or a few but in all of us.

There is another aspect of the work that I feel is very important to explore at this time. Many people who are drawn to spiritual practices tend to be people who “live out of body”. I think that it is essential to learn to find our inner light and embody it.

The practice of transfiguration as I have been teaching it is an inner body experience. We do not go outside of ourselves to experience the light. Rather we let go of what keeps us separate from our own inner light. This is an important distinction and it might be time for you to reflect on your own practice of transfiguration.

In a journey I was given the following practice to start to perform. I was told to really focus and concentrate my energies on absorbing light from the sun, the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the food I eat which comes from the earth. Receiving this light, nurturance and love is an essential part of the experience of feeling embodied.

One way to work with this is find a metaphor of how it feels to fully absorb. The metaphor might be a flower taking in mist after a hot day. I like working with the metaphor of being in a room where the curtains are closed and opening them up and letting the room fill with sun. It might be a metaphor of trees drinking in the rain or sun through their leaves and roots. Think about a metaphor that works for you and use it throughout the day as you absorb the life giving forces of nature.

Last night I had a wonderful dream. I was shown that as we journey, meditate, and connect with all of life while we walk through the world this creates a tremendous amount of joy and healing for the plants, trees, rocks, elements, and animals. I was shown in the dream how much they revel in the connection and how important and beneficial our continued work to connect and have a relationship with all of life is.

I thought we could combine connecting with all of life and absorbing the life giving force of nature on May 9, which is Mother’s Day. As we focus our intention as a global community to connect with all of life and take in the nurturance we are offered from the elements joy is created throughout our environment. And we can add to this experiencing the web of light we have been weaving around the globe as well as tapping into the web of light in the earth we started to experience last month. Connections and relationship create joy and healing. This is a good place for all of us to focus our energies at this time on the planet for it feeds the energies of love, honor, and respect for life. And by receiving the nurturing gifts of our environment also fosters these same energies of love, honor, and respect for the web of life, which we are apart of.

The full moon is May 4. This month there will be a total eclipse of the moon. Let’s keep focused on weaving a human web of light around the globe. Let’s keep experiencing the strength of the web of light within the earth that connects all living beings. Let’s ask the moon to bring us dreams of how we can be in service to life and caretake our home, which is earth.

Transmutation News – April 2004

The last few months I have been writing about manifesting the dreams that we planted the seeds for during the winter solstice.

Since the early 1990’s I have been actively trying to teach people about the importance of tapping into our personal creative abilities. After writing Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self I realized that after shamanic healing people have more energy to manifest with. Actually after any healing we have more energy to manifest with.

For most of us our families, teachers, and other authority figures did not validate our own creative potential. We were mostly taught how to behave and fit into society.

I began to notice that as people received lost soul parts back that it became critical to teach them how to create a different present and future than the traumas from their past. I began to watch people creating old situations over again, as they did not consciously look at other options. This issue prompted me to write Welcome Home: Following Your Soul’s Journey Home. This book was about what I called “life after healing”.

In Medicine for the Earth I continued to write about this topic. For when we talk about reversing environmental and personal pollution we must also add to our work creating the world we want to live in. As I wrote in the first chapter of the book we have the same creative potential as our creator or creative forces of the universe.

Over the last couple of years I wrote about the importance of using all of our senses in our creation and dreaming work. We must be able to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste what we want to create. We must experience our creation in present time or else we are always creating our dream in the future instead of the now. And the most potent fuel for our creative abilities is having passion and love for what we are creating.

Last year I started to write about how I use working in the void to create from. The void, which many people think of darkness and a place of nothingness, is actually the place from which all things are created. Back in the late 1980’s my spiritual teacher, the Egyptian goddess Isis, kept encouraging me to work in the void. She kept on saying go back before creation. In reality the void is a place of unlimited possibilities and is a wonderful place from which we can work.

In my own transfiguration work I transfigure into the void not the light. As over the years I have done so much work in the void, this is a natural practice for me. When I set my intention to let go of what keeps me separate from source and oneness, I naturally end up as the void.

During one of my trips to Egypt in the late 1990’s our group received permission to go down and be with the sphinx. It was a very hot and sunny day and I found myself searching out shade. I found a spot on the body of the sphinx that I could lean up against that would protect me from the shade. As I rested against the sphinx with my eyes closed I had the most marvelous vision. I found myself being transported rapidly into the great void, the place before creation, and the place of unlimited possibilities. While I was there I watched the birth of the first cat to ever manifest on earth. I watched as its form began to take shape in the void. Then the void began to shimmer and move in an extraordinary way. The head of cat squeezed through the opening with it’s body following. It was truly an incredible vision and experience.

We had at least one practice session working in the void last year. I thought that in this wonderful time of spring as so much new life is bursting forth we could continue manifesting our own dreams and visions.

I have been teaching this process in many of my workshops over the last few years. Together let’s start from the beginning. If you practice shamanic journeying ask your power animal or teacher to escort you to the void. For me the void is in the Upper World. But the void is in many places so allow the spirits or your intention to take you there. To begin with just experience the void for a few minutes or whatever time feels comfortable for you and then return.

If you do not practice shamanic journeying you can still have an experience of the void through using meditation. Close your eyes, breathe through your heart, and get into a centered place. As you continue to breathe deeply set your intention that you would like to experience the void. Your breath and intention will create the experience you are asking for. When you feel you would like to return from your experience in the void just set your intention to do so.

Once you are comfortable in traveling to the void you can proceed to the next step. Start with something small that you wish to create in your life. Oftentimes our visions and dreams become so big we can’t keep our concentration and focus on the steps needed for manifestation.

Here again are some of the keys for creation. We need to remember that we are one with our creator or the creative forces of the universe (union). We need to love what we are creating in the world (love). We need to be able to set an intention of what we are creating and stay concentrated and focused on our work and our vision (intention, concentration, and focus). We need to imagine our dream being manifested into the present by seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting our manifestation as if it is here now (imagination). And of course we want our dreams to serve the highest good of all of life and not cause harm to anything or anyone (harmony). We see here that the formula for transmutation and transformation is also the formula for creation.

To continue working, travel to the void through a shamanic journey or during a meditation. Once in the void do your work of breathing life into your creation by using all of your senses to experience your manifestation as if it is here in the now. Using your senses combined with experiencing love and joy for your manifestation creates the energy to call the form into being.

As you experience the form coming into being, next experience it moving through the void and into the world. Remember you must be able to fully concentrate while doing this for your results to be successful. You might repeat this work over time in smaller time increments so you can truly remain in a state of concentration and focus.

In March we had our third Medicine for the Earth reunion in Santa Fe. People who have been attending Medicine for the Earth Gatherings have been coming back once a year to go deeper into the work together. We have a core group that shows up every year, and new people come as they feel called to. It has been a wonderful way to build community and to evolve our work together. We continued our transfiguration work together and took some pictures with a GDV camera.

Last year I shared with you that I purchased a gas discharge camera (GDV) based on the Kirlian effect. Information about the camera as well as some of the pictures of water we took at a gathering are posted on the results section of

I had purchased the camera so that we had different options for testing the effects of the transfiguration work we were doing besides only testing for changes in pH in the water. I still do check for changes of pH, but I wanted to expand our possibilities. I felt that the GDV camera could show us if the life force of the water was expanding. So far we have gotten some good results.

The GDV can also take pictures of other substances. So far we have taken pictures of water before and after our ceremonies. We have also taken pictures of participants before and after they have transfigured. At the reunion we worked on soil for the first time. We took soil from the road where cars were driving on it. We placed some of the soil in our circle along with the water. We took pictures before and after our ceremony. The pictures did show a significant change in the soil we worked on. There was definitely more life force in the soil after we transfigured. These new pictures will be posted on the results section of

In March I also taught my first week of my new two year teacher training in shamanism and shamanic healing. It was an extraordinary week. The group consists of some of my oldest students. I was really touched how the group was able to honor the traditions of shamanism and the teachers they had studied shamanism with and at the same time be willing to look at how the work needs to evolve. There was a gracious energy in the group. There was no divisive energy about needing to compare what way is better. There was a fluid movement of acknowledging what we were all taught and how to improve on that.

We did a series of journeys of how we personally needed to evolve along with the work and how to bring the work out into the world to take people today to a deeper place with it. We also talked about the need to take this work to different populations of people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic structures. I have great hopes for how the collective brilliance of this group will manifest the movement of shamanism in the world. I am inspired at how the group worked and the personal visions each person came up with.

It is really great that we have an alliance of Medicine for the Earth teachers along with an alliance of shamanic teachers who are planting seeds of the possibilities that come with spiritual practice around the world. It is really time to empower others, and we must take the work out to those who are hungering for a spiritual foundation that grows out of direct revelation.

The full moon is April 5. In my own journeywork I have been guided to expand the work I have been doing in creating a human web of light. I was shown the web of light that is under the earth that connects all of life. I have been touching in to that web of light in the healing work and transfiguration I have doing in trying to help the trees suffering from the drought where I live. It has been an extraordinary experience to tap into.

As we continue to weave a web of light around the globe, on April 5, let’s also experience the incredible of light within the earth that connects all of life.

As we watch the new growth of spring we are reminded of the great joy of birth into the light. Experience the joy of life and let’s all continue to give thanks for our lives.

Transmutation News – March 2004

For the month of February I planted the seed that we make the entire month a ceremony of invoking inner peace. Please take a moment to reevaluate how you did. Did you deny feelings and thoughts coming up or did you work them through? Were you able to remember to stay focused on transmuting your state so peace did shine through you as you walked through the world?

Many mystics and shamans were and are either born with a predisposition to only feel peace in the midst of suffering. Or it might be that the years of initiation experiences wore away any feelings or thoughts of separateness creating a cellular knowing of unity and perfection. Peace and light would shine through in the midst of all human conditions.

For many of us who might be coming at a spiritual path through other doors, we might move toward emanating peace and light at more gradual stages. This means many of us must learn how to hold the paradox. On one level we know our own divinity and experience the divinity in all of life. At the same time we work through the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes that arise by watching the behavior of those around us and conditions in the world.

As I have already written many times before, feelings are natural and are to be explored and worked through, not to be repressed. To repress our feelings, thoughts, and attitudes can create illness and also cause us to behave in inauthentic ways. I don’t know if you have ever been around someone who keeps saying, “Everything is perfect” while you can see the opposite belief seething through his/her pores.

Remember alchemy is the working with and through the dense darkness inside. This means not repressing what is coming up from below the surface but rather experiencing the feelings and working them through.

Some of you might be saying this is too hard and give up and judge yourself for not being able to meet the challenge. It is not too hard and yes it can be challenging. All exercise is challenging whether you work on emotional, physical, or spiritual levels. But as you know there are always great rewards for meeting the challenge. The rewards in our spiritual practice are experiencing the beauty and joy of life while at the same time creating a better world for all life to live in.

We all have to find ways to work with and through our darker emotions and thoughts so the light and a state of peace can naturally shine through us. Throughout Medicine for the Earth I offer many different ways to help us fully work through feelings of separation.

Here are some suggestions you might try this month:
-Surround yourself with words you have written on pieces of paper that help you work through a problematic state of consciousness.

-Surround yourself with pictures such as a precious loved one, child, animal, plant, tree, or a scene in nature that reminds you of what if truly important and can help you reframe and move through your current state of consciousness.

-Write out your thoughts and feelings about an issue or event causing you upset. Research has shown if you write out your objective thoughts along with your emotions you will come to a place of peace and improved health. Writing out your emotions only does not have the same affect over time.

Writing for ten minutes a day for a few days in a row is usually enough to establish a sense of peace and completion about an issue. Obviously if you are working with a severe trauma you might need to write for more than a few days.

-Check out some of the Heartmath material. I have written about their work before. They have extremely simple exercises that can get you out of a problematic state of consciousness into a heart space very easily. You can check out their work at

In Overcoming Emotional Chaos, Doc Childe (one of the founders of Hearthmath) gives many suggestions that have been helpful to me. My favorite suggestion that works really well is breathing through my heart and at the same time repeating to myself, “Take the significance out”. I find that this works really well when I can’t sleep because my mind is looping on some angry thought. I only have to say to myself, “Take the significance out” about three times before I drift back into a deep sleep.

I have a bell hanging up in a porch by my garden. I have come to learn that often the bell will ring when the “spirit people” or “little people” are trying to communicate with me.

Sometimes I will leave my house or come home disturbed by some event or conversation. I find that at these times although the air is perfectly still the bell will begin ringing loudly.

I stop and feel the preciousness of these beings trying to make contact with me. This precious connection is more important and vital to me than the negative thoughts and emotions that arise from buying into the world of illusion. I remember what is true and important to my heart, and I find the soil turning inside of me and uncovering a treasure of joy inside that transforms but does not deny what I am feeling or experiencing.

Look to nature. Nature is always reaching out to us and communicating and teaching us how to till the soil within.

Don’t deny or repress what is coming up for you. There are so many things to trigger negative thoughts and feelings today. Be authentic with your feelings and communication. And keep working them through. Find practices and tools that help you so the end result is that we do not coat the earth with anger, fear, despair, and feelings of separation. Rather let’s coat the earth with love and remembering there is only one heartbeat, only one source that is pure light and love.

As I have written before I have an ongoing journey practice of visiting descendants to keep learning how to work with oneness, light, and sound for healing others and myself. Last month I had a wonderful journey with a descendant. She gave me the experience of fully feeling my connection with the one pulse of life. Then she gave me the metaphor of a pinky finger deciding it was separate from the rest of the hand and body and dropping to the ground. There needs to be a procedure for reattaching the finger to the rest of the hand where it is once again part of the body.

She said that when we feel separate we are like a finger that mistakenly identifies with itself as a separate entity. She said that this creates illness on many levels and healing must happen to reconnect us with what she called “the lifeline”.

On a similar note, over the past few months I have received letters from some of you who are disturbed by the power struggles, egos, and divisive energy in the shamanic community. I have a friend who is a very respected teacher in shamanism who says that shamanism will die out because of the inherent issues of power.

I don’t agree. I am not an anthropologist and my own helping spirits has guided my shamanic work. But as I have so many students who have traveled to indigenous cultures around the world it is clear there are shamans who heal others by embracing the principle of divinity, light oneness, and unity. And then there are shamans who still work in the framework of illusion and separation.

Some people say the spirits will take care of this issue. I feel that how the spirits take care of this is by finding those who are willing to work in partnership with them to bring forth the model of harmony, oneness, divinity, love, light, and unity. We must feed this heart rather than the heart of divisiveness, separation, ego, and manipulation of power. In this way the true essence of shamanism shines through into future generations.

There are many ways to make changes in the world today. We all have to find where our contribution is. Some of us choose to work on the spiritual levels with the knowing that all change on the physical starts here. Another way is to be more of an activist. All ways are important.

I read in the newspaper about a teenager in Denver who is choosing to have the courage to speak the truth about her feelings about the circus. She has no problem with clowns and trapeze artists. But she feels strongly about lions and elephants being trained to leap and dance for the public’s enjoyment.

Heather Herman is a high-school freshman and has gathered enough signatures last month to put a question on Denver’s Aug. 10 ballot asking residents to ban performances by exotic animals.

She says, “I believe animals do not belong in the circus, that they shouldn’t perform, shouldn’t have clothes put on them or have people riding on them. To make animals perform, you train them and to train them you must break them, which requires physical force.”

Of course you can imagine the response from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and some of the Denver government officials. Their only response has to do with how this would effect jobs and the economy. One Councilman said, “I firmly believe the ballot process is getting out of hand. I think it’s getting wacky, like California.”

While we are all entitled to our opinion, my prayers and thoughts are with Heather Herman voicing her concerns about the disrespect and dishonoring of the animals we share this earth with. They were not put on earth only for our enjoyment. And I applaud her courage for not only speaking out but by trying to get her community involved in taking action.

March 20 is the Spring Equinox. I know many people are happy to see this time of rebirth transition into our lives again.

I suggest to celebrate the equinox that we all take some time during this day to journey or meditate to merge with the earth. Use this practice to learn by becoming what changes the earth is experiencing during this time. Our bodies and the earth are one. As we learn how the earth is transitioning we learn about ourselves and harmonize with the changes of this time.

During the winter solstice we began to dream together what we want to see burst forth in our own lives and for the world. Through your meditation or journeys check on the seeds of the dreams you planted. Are they growing? What kind of nurturance do they need?

Celebrate the beauty of nature. On the equinox take a walk outside alone or with your family or friends. Be in appreciation of the beauty of nature. Depending on the weather patterns of your area you might observe new growth coming forth from the earth. Observe the power of new life and how it stands strong.

For as much of the month as you can take appreciation walks. The more you can take in the beauty of nature, the more you will be able to reframe what is happening around you. Our perception creates our reality. As we see the beauty in the world our reality changes. And please remember to share this practice with your children.

In the late 1980’s I was gifted with meeting Christina Crawford. Christina is a woman who has survived a lot in life, and has used what has happened to her to help others heal from their own abuse. She was very courageous in writing her book Mommie Dearest and was one of the first people to publicly speak to the issue of abuse.

Christina attended a workshop I was at where I did a demonstration of a soul retrieval. After the workshop she asked me if she could come to Santa Fe to learn soul retrieval from me. At that point I had never taught soul retrieval to anyone.

Christina did come to Santa Fe. For the final part of her teaching I had her perform a soul retrieval on me. I gave her no information and just told her to bring back what she was guided to by the spirits. The soul retrieval she performed for me ended up curing chronic depression that had been with me since my teenage years. So I have always been extremely grateful to her.

Christina also became a mentor for me while I was writing Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self. I was so insecure about writing a book and her support and friendship was instrumental in Soul Retrieval being written.

Christina has just published a new book titled: Daughters of the Inquisition Medieval Madness: Origins and Aftermath. This book is filled with fascinating information. It is a 400 page hard cover in which Christina traces the story of women for eight thousand years. Christina spent nearly a decade researching the material for this book. This is a dedication of passion and tears that Christina hopes will shape the present and the future by introducing new insight from the past – history which has been ignored because it was herstory.

Daughters of the Inquisition is published by Seven Springs Press. It is available through Amazon. You can also contact Seven Springs Press for ordering information: 208-274-2470 or

The full moon is March 6. Let’s continue to transfigure and weave our lights together throughout the globe. Let’s fill the world with light and love.

I wish you a very joyous spring as the seeds you have planted show their beauty in the world.

Transmutation News – February 2004

When we transfigure into our divinity, source, and light one of the effects is to experience a feeling of peace. These feelings of peace might carry on after our experience for some time. For many of us the chaos of life can easily disturb those peaceful feelings.

As it has been important for us to experience our light throughout the day, it is important for us to focus on staying centered and peaceful in ourselves.

I have had many conversations and received letters from friends and students all stating that they are looking for a more peaceful and balanced life in 2004. It seems like the world and life is spinning faster and faster. Time will not slow down for us until we slow it down ourselves. We will continue to get caught up in “the spin” until we find peace inside of ourselves. We tend to get caught up in life moving too quickly when we become dependent on the outside world for a sense of identity. When we can get still and peaceful and feel one with ourselves and our divinity we can step out of the chaos and spinning energy of the world today.

Throughout last year I wrote about how gifted shamans and healers eyes sparkle and hold a joy that we don’t see in many practitioners eyes today. That sparkle and light emanating from these healers comes from being in touch with their divinity and light. But it also comes from finding peace with themselves, the world, and their pain and suffering.

As we can find peace with what life brings us it allows us to emanate a state of peace once again changing the field of energy in the world. I am not saying that we should stop focusing on creating changes in our lives. But I do feel there is a delicate balance of actively manifesting our dreams while at the same time finding peace with what is.

In Chapter 6 of Medicine for the Earth I wrote a section on the power of putting one’s attention on an issue. It is a nice idea that we can create a feeling of inner peace that will last throughout the day. But some of you might not know the steps of how to get there. One way that I have found helpful is to hold the intention. As I hold the intention and keep my prayers focused on wanting to create a state of being into my life, I find over time I do notice shifts in a positive direction.

In December we began to dream into being the world we want to live in. Part of this requires rescultping our inner world. We want to add to our regular transfiguration practice the intention to also maintain a state of inner peace.

Some of you perform spiritual practice for your own enlightenment, growth, and evolution. Whatever practice changes ourselves will naturally affect the web of life. I wrote about this last month.

Some of you also want to be actively affecting others in the world. Those of you who are in some helping profession are actively trying to help others to shift their awareness. And as we know teaching, healing, and serving comes in many forms. We all can affect people around us no matter the profession we are in.

As I have stated during the last year many people are asleep right now. The trance is very deep and people are kept in this trance by very powerful and controlling forces.

I do not believe that words and preaching to others is a way to wake people up. Your words might stir people a bit, but the lure of sleep is too strong to really wake people. I believe the way to wake people up is by showing through example the rewards and what is to be gained.

If people around you notice you are healthy, happy, “glowing”, and you carry the energy of peace in your being they will want to learn about what you are up to.

If your garden, land, houseplants emit a quality of health and growth people around you and in your community will want to know what you are doing.

If your house, apartment, or office emits an energy of peace, serenity, and life and soul affecting those who enter your space, a desire for knowledge becomes stronger.

If you only preach to people about spiritual concepts it doesn’t provide enough incentive to create momentum in the sleep and apathy that society supports.

This month attempt to bring the light, energy, and peace stimulated by your spiritual practice more into your daily life. The more you “shine” and seem happy and peaceful the more curious people around you become about who you are and what you are doing. Let’s focus our energies on giving people a reason to want to change.

The work toward emanating light and peace through your own being is called “The Great Work” in alchemy. Remember it is the light within which connects us all. Experiencing your light and a state of peace as much as you can throughout the day will be the daily ceremony we perform together as a global community this month. Continue to be in a state of love and appreciation. Reframe your problematic experiences so you see the beauty. Be in a state of appreciation for all you are being given – food, water, air, sunlight, the people who cross your path and life situations.

Let’s make every day in February a ceremony.

I have finally decided to take advantage of the internet to list shamanic practitioners who have trained with me who perform soul retrievals and other shamanic healing methods. Up to this point people have had to write me to obtain a list of local practitioners.

As I have announced in past Transmutation News I now have a website that lists local shamanic teachers. There is now a section on that website that lists practitioners. The list is not totally complete as I am still waiting to hear from some of the shamanic practitioners I have sent letters to. But there are many practitioners listed now.

Some of the practitioners in Europe chose not to be listed on the website. So for a list of all the practitioners in Europe people still have to write me or email Ruth Aber at If you email Ruth for a list you need to include the country you are looking for practitioners in.

I have been a fan of Alex Grey’s artwork since I was introduced to it a few years ago. Alex Grey’s unique series of 21 life-sized paintings, the Sacred Mirrors, take the viewer on a journey toward their own divine nature by examining, in detail, the body, mind, and spirit.

His most recent book Transfigurations is Alex Grey’s second large format monograph containing over 300 color and black and white images of his work.

He has two websites you might want to check out: and

He is working on creating a Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York. I have been trying to support his project and one way I can do this is by letting you know about his websites.

I know many of you are familiar with Alex Grey’s artwork and hope you will visit his websites and see what he is up to.

A friend of mine recently wrote me and asked me if I ever considered working with an editor to clean up some of my writing on the Transmutation News. Although I love to write and enjoy writing the Transmutation News I am aware that there are grammatical errors.

As I write the Transmutation News once a month in the midst of traveling and teaching it is not possible for me to also work with an editor. The time involved would not allow me to keep the Transmutation News going on a monthly basis.

So I do apologize for the lack of editing. I know how appreciative people are that I keep writing the Transmutation News and hope you can continue to read beyond my grammatical errors.

February 6 is the full moon. Let’s weave our inner light, peace, and love into the web of light we continue to create around our great earth.

Transmutation News – January 2004

As we move into a new year I feel there is quite a wave of spiritual energy that we can ride. Using the principles of intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination we weave our dreams and create them into being.

There is a lot that can distract us from using the potential of this potent wave of spiritual energy. We have the media, our own internal dialogue, and the noise of city life that creates distractions. Another distraction is feeling like there is not enough time and that our lives are spinning too fast to contend with.

Of course one of the biggest distractions is fear. We watch how the media, government, religious organizations, businesses, and even spiritual teachers monopolize on the energy to control through fear. “If you follow me or my way I will protect you from harm.” You know the scenario; we are all surrounded by it. Fear can be a great distraction from using the spiritual energy of this time to manifest a world that creates equality and empowers others. Fear is used to divide and control.

There is a difference between instinctual fear where our bodies and our intuition help guide us to making decisions that will lead to our survival. And then there is the fear of social conditioning where we are told some person, product, or belief system is needed for our safety. Gavin de Becker wrote a brilliant book that I have written about before titled The Gift of Fear. It reads like a novel and teaches us through sharing case studies how he helps others to use instinctual and intuitive knowing for signs of when are truly in danger versus fear that is instilled upon us by social conditioning.

Desire for power and greed drive people and institutions to try and control through fear. By staying focused and developing our abilities to keep our concentration we have the potential to change the vibration and frequency of our lives and follow a path that creates harmony and peace. We have the potential to fully know the true power that comes when we feel empowered and empower others.

Spiritual practice and the practice of transmutation and creation need fuel. For years we have been focusing on love as fuel. We have been deepening our relationship with the earth, the elements, and all of life with love.

Concentration and focus are also needed as fuel. We can’t manifest our spiritual work into reality without concentration and focus.

Those of you who perform shamanic healing know you can’t partner with the spirits in bringing healing help to a client if you can’t focus and concentrate on bringing that healing help, the power of the universe into the body of the client.

Our abilities to concentrate and focus need to be exercised, as they are not supported in the world we live in. Some examples of where we practice concentration and focus is in playing music, an art project, meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, cooking and baking, fixing mechanical things, etc.

I am not trying to hook you into another system of working. But I do believe it is important to engage in some practice that you enjoy which improves your ability to concentrate. Without this ability there is not the fuel needed to heal our environment, ourselves, and manifest our dreams. For instead of spinning and weaving the world we wish to live into existence we end up spinning out of control and creating chaos.

There are many waves of energy we can feel right now. There is a wave that is leading people into a dense life of feeling the need to gather more material objects, be controlled by fear, and stay in a trance that prevents them from seeing the truth of what is happening in their lives. There is a wave that is leading people into a higher vibration and frequency of love and empowerment and waking up from the trance. All paths will ultimately lead to growth and evolution. And we do have a choice of which path we want to explore right now.

In December I had a teaching come through in a journey that really sank deep into my cells. The message of the journey was that scarcity comes from not living from a place of interconnectedness. When we acknowledge and experience the interconnectedness of everything there is only abundance.

I reflected on this knowledge for days. For this wisdom effects how we relate in our love and work relationships. It effects how we relate to all life around us.

For example, if we truly embrace the interconnectedness with everyone we work with and who is connected with a creative endeavor the only possible outcome would be that which would bring abundance on all levels. If we embrace that our food comes from our interconnection with all the elements and the spirit that lives in all things growth and abundance comes out of the flow of energy created. Any feeling or perception of separation stops the flow of energy creating scarcity. It is through the feeling and perception of interconnection that allows energy to flow freely resulting in abundance on all levels.

I would like to ask you to really try to get the experience of this as you proceed with your spiritual growth this month. As there is this intense spiritual energy on the planet right now let’s ride the wave of interconnection to create abundance. Reflect on who or what you feel separate from. Look at all your relationships. Look at the relationships with those you work with as well as your relationship with the spirit of the business or organization you work with and for. Look at those people who you love in your life. Look at your relationships with the plants, trees, animals, rocks, insects, fish, birds, reptiles, water, earth, air, fire, the weather, the sky, the stars, the moon. We are not separate from anyone else, any life form, or form of energy. For the light inside connects us all.

Explore through your journeys and meditations how through connection you can create unity and an energetic flow to heal those places where connections in the web are torn.

Notice what changes occur in your relationships and with your perception about life from deepening and creating energetic connections.

One of the effects the media can have on us is to make us feel very overwhelmed by the enormity of problems in the world. You might try doing the variety of practices I have been presenting over the past months to work with the locale where you live. As you notice a difference that is created where you live and your life you will truly know the impact the spiritual work you are performing has. This is one way to feel more empowered with the knowledge that the spiritual work we do does make a difference.

In my own case I transfigure to experience the perfection and divine light in the trees where I live and in the well that provides water for my house. The trees all around me in Santa Fe are dying. Yet with the love and light that is shared through the practice of transfiguration the trees in the area where I live are still flourishing. The water where I live is contaminated. So I focus my spiritual work on recognizing the divine light and perfection of the water knowing that this will create change inside and out.

When we do our ceremonies for other parts of the country or the world I participate in them. But I continue to do my daily spiritual work on the environment where I live knowing that what happens where I live and to myself affects the entire web of life. This is another place where the spirit of interconnection is strong.

Every time you are healed, or a plant is healed, or an animal is healed the whole web is affected and changed. The microcosm does affect the macrocosm.

On the winter solstice we began our winter dreaming together. We want to keep this up throughout the winter months. There are two practices I would like to invite us all to work together with this month. I will share some dates we can focus our energies together after I share the spiritual practices to engage in.

I would like to invite you to focus your spiritual energies of giving support, thanks, love, appreciation, and to honor all the people around the world who are working to feed the heart of love, unity, and light.

You can create your own way of doing this. You can light a candle with the intention of having the light shine and support those of us working together. You can do some dancing and singing in honor of the world community that has formed in honor of all of life. You can transfigure knowing your light is honoring the divine light in all.

You can do this alone or in a group you are working in. Again the purpose is to link with all the people around the world who are focusing on creating a field of light and love.

The other spiritual practice I would like you to try is to transfigure and experience walking about where you live. You can experience yourself walking around through a journey or meditation. Or you might choose to go outside physically.

From all the case studies of how people are experiencing their outer environment shifting from the practice of transfiguration, we know that change does occur.

As we focus our spiritual energies on shining our own light and recognizing the divine of our own locale the effects of making changes on the microcosm will affect the whole world.

Once again you can work alone or in a group. However you decide to work remember that you are part of a world community and you are never really working alone.

I would suggest that we do these practices twice this month. Once on the full moon on January 7 and then again on the new moon on January 21.

January 7 is the full moon. I invite us all to continue weaving a web of light around the world. Remember the light within is what connects of us.

“I am that living and fiery essence of the divine substance that flows in the beauty of the fields. I shine in the water, I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars. Mine is the mysterious force of the invisible wind. I sustain the breath of all living. I breathe in the verdure, and in the flowers, and when the waters flow like living things, it is I.”

– The Holy Spirit, in a vision to Saint Hildegard of Bingen

I wish you all a joyous New Year! Ride the potent spiritual wave of our time and experience the
beauty of the light which connects us all.

Transmutation News – December 2003

I am writing this month’s Transmutation News mid November after returning from a wonderful teaching time in Europe. Although the trip was mostly work related it felt like I really had a chance to regenerate while I was there.

I have been teaching in Europe since the 1980’s in Austria and Switzerland. But this is the first time I taught in Germany. I felt so nurtured by the land there and it truly was a healing experience for me.

I also worked with two extraordinary groups. So many people told me how much they relied on the monthly Transmutation News for inspiration. It was really good to get this feedback and of course it inspires me to keep writing.

It also touched me deeply to hear about the ceremonies people performed on October 18 when we were all working on behalf of the Rio Grande. There really is a strong network and community that has formed working together. It is important for all of us to remember that as we do our ceremonies that we are connecting with a world community.

One of the things I have also noticed this fall is how much easier people are “getting” the spiritual work I present. In October I taught a beginning workshop on shamanic journeying to over 100 people at Omega Institute. I am used to quite a bit of confusion coming from people who are first learning to journey. I found this group to be extraordinary in how easily they all journeyed and experienced a shamanic state of consciousness.

Then when I went to Europe I taught a 5-day Medicine for the Earth Gathering and also continued working with my group in a Three Year Training. Both groups also experienced all the work I shared in a smoother, easier fashion than I can remember.

There were of course still left-brain questions that came from the conditioned mind. But people seemed to experience the work faster and in a very deep way.

I talked to another teacher in Europe about this. It almost feels that a morphic resonance field has now been created where the work is now more natural. This is exciting to think about. I will be curious to see if this trend continues.

When I was in Germany I did hear about the fires in Southern California. When I returned home there were some letters waiting for me asking me to “share my wisdom” about fire.

It is not an easy issue to speak to, as we need to look at what is happening with the planet today on many different levels. On a material level there is a lot of destruction going on through different natural events – fires, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.

As you know I have been living with the danger of fire changing my material world for many years now. So I am not going to say that we only need to look at all this on a higher spiritual level. There is trauma in losing precious things you own and watching your outer environment be destroyed at the same time. There is grief and loss on a personal level when these events occur in our lives. There is also the grief over the loss and death in the plant and animal kingdoms.

On a spiritual level we learn that there is more to life than what we have in the outer material levels. It is always interesting to watch interviews with people after they have lost everything during a natural event. Some people take the stance of victim and bitterness. Some people take the stance of gratefulness that their own lives and the lives of their families were not lost and that is what is important.

There are many events that happen throughout our lives where we are all asked to get clear on what is truly important and we have to find peace with the challenges that life brings us.

On another level we live in a world out of balance. Are we seeing more natural occurrences of earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, fires, etc.? Or is it that because of media coverage we are more aware of what is occurring around the world?

We are part of nature. Nature is always looking for harmony. Nature has ways of cleansing itself. Nature has ways that create regeneration that might seem to us as destructive.

The land needs fires to regenerate itself. I remember months ago in the newspaper articles about the importance of fire in New Mexico as the land needs the regenerative ability of fire and the new growth that occurs after fire.

There is always a bigger picture going on. When our lives are being turned upside down by the what is needed in the bigger picture we cannot see all the deeper levels that are being touched in our lives and for the planet. This is natural and of course there is a natural process of grieving and even “why me” questions that will occur.

There are times when we as a community can “hold the space” for others as they grieve what has been lost. For if we are doing our work we grieve and then look at the regeneration and new opportunities and growth that are being created for us. Death is not an end, it is a transition. Losing what we have in the material world is not an end to our lives. It is a transition into something new. With all death whether it be the death at the end of our lives or the little deaths that occur along the way there is an initiation that occurs. All initiations bring us to a new place in our lives.

We cannot stop the earth from regenerating. We cannot stop evolution. But we can work on our reactions to what is occurring. The elements are not “evil” for coming through the land changing the landscapes of our lives. We need to honor our feelings about the loss we observe. If it happens on a personal level these feelings of loss will be deeper. The process sculpts us into different beings. But we must all learn how to band together as community and support one another on a physical level as well as a spiritual level. Change is part of life, we must not fear it.

Over the years of writing the Transmutation News I have been emphasizing the importance of transfiguring and experiencing a state of source, divinity, light and oneness. I have also on and off spoken about the spirits in the Middle World as important to establish a partnership with in creating miracles.

For those who only journey to the Upper and Lower Worlds a split between the non-ordinary and ordinary realms is created. As I mentioned in Medicine for the Earth, this split did not occur in former times. The gods and goddesses and helping spirits danced on this earth with us.

In our hearts we all want to heal this split of keeping the non-ordinary worlds and our ordinary world separate. We once again want to experience the magic of life and wake up from the trance that society has put on us that either the non-ordinary does not exist or that we are separate from it.

In the Middle World the spirit of the plants, trees rocks, animals, insects, fish, reptiles birds, and other life forms exist here with us. They are sentient beings who we can relate with. There is the spirit of air, water, earth, and fire, which is alive and we can establish a relationship with. There are helping ancestral spirits that love the earth as we do who can help us in healing ourselves and our environment. And there is the devic realms and the spirit people who we share the planet with: the elves, fairies, forest angels, etc.

I do believe that the devic realms hold a real key for us in our work. I no longer call these beings “the little people” as some of the elves and angels are quite tall. So I prefer to use the term the spirit people.

We all knew of their existence when we were children. We actually thought everyone saw them when we were young. Then we fell into a trance and closed the veils to this realm of being. We have been asleep and living in a very dense dimension. I think those of us reading this page are striving toward waking up and experiencing a higher and lighter dimension. There are many “demons at the gate” who try to stop us from waking up. For most of us the “demon” is our own conditioned mind who keeps telling us to “get real” and stop doing this crazy spiritual work. We keep forging ahead as the voices of society try to distract us. And we keep moving ahead with the knowing that a wealthier world exists for us.

Part of this experiencing a richer life is feeling as if we are communicating and relating with the spirit that lives in all things. We have been doing journeys and meditations over the years together to help deepen this connection.

This month let’s turn our attention to the spirit people. The spirit people and the devic realms do exist. In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about how the government in Iceland has a representative for the little people. You might be familiar with the extraordinary gardens in Findhorn, Scotland that were created by working in partnership with the spirit people. You also might be familiar with the work of Michelle Small-Wright and Perelandra and what has come out of the collaboration with the devic realms.

The spirit people are also caretakers of this earth. As we continue to explore together how we can heal ourselves and our environment it is time for us to establish a strong and deep relationship with the elves, fairies, and forest angels who are already working to restore harmony in the natural world.

As part of your spiritual practice this month journey or meditate and ask to meet the spirit people who live where you live. Don’t get trapped into having to “see” them outside to believe in their existence. Reach out to them with your heart. Let them know you are aware of their existence and that you wish to communicate with them. Experience what comes from setting this intention.

They are strong partners for us in our work to restore harmony and balance in our environment. Let’s meet them and establish a relationship first and then see how we can work together.

We are moving into the wonderful season of winter. I would suggest that during this month you perform a series of journeys or meditations to merge with an aspect of earth, air, water and fire where you live. Learn about the energy of vibration of these elements during this time. Learn especially how you might wish to rebalance the fire within during this time.

After you have experienced the elements during this season ask your higher consciousness to help you balance to be in harmony with the vibration of these elements. Do this purely by setting an intention. Remember that setting an intention is experienced as action taking place by the brain. When we ask our higher consciousness to create balance this is done through setting an intention, which happens on more of an unconscious than conscious level.

Depending on where you live in the world the winter solstice is either December 21 or December 22. The times vary depending on where you live. I journeyed on what we can all focus on during this time.

I received the information that it is important for all of us to create a strong network of dreamers that can work together in this dreamy time to dream into being the planet we wish to live on.

The first step is with your imagination or in your journey or meditation really experience yourself as being a part of a solid network of people who are dreaming on behalf of the world.

Next journey or meditate so that you are in the void, the place of unlimited possibilities before things are created and manifested on earth. If you are not familiar with the void experience yourself in a nice dark nurturing place. Light was born out of the darkness. In the void or this dark nurturing place begin to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world you wish to live in. Experience a world in harmony where all life is respected, honored, and considered precious. Experience a world of unity with the great web of life. Experience a world of love.

Experience this world as if it already exists now. Don’t experience it in the future or it will never manifest. Call it into being as if it is happening now. Feel the love for this world with your heart. We know that love and the heart fuels the energy needed for manifestation to occur.

On the solstice let’s establish our dreaming network together. Throughout this dreamy internal time of winter keep up the work on your own. Let’s gestate and manifest our dreams together.

The full moon in the U.S. is December 8. Due to time differences the full moon is on a different day depending on where you live in the world. I was reminded when I taught in Europe that I only post the U.S. day for the full moon creating some confusion for people in other countries. Please consult with a moon calendar and the sky for the time of the full moon where you live.

During this wonderfully powerful time let’s continue to weave a brilliant, radiant web of light around our beautiful planet.

May the time of winter be a joyful and rich time in your life.

Transmutation News – November 2003

This summer when the temperatures were up to 100 degrees with no rain in sight, I knew I had to augment the water the trees and garden where getting from the drip system.

Every morning the first thing I did was haul buckets of water I had been collecting to the fruit trees. I started noticing after a few weeks of doing this that, as I would come to each tree the leaves would begin to move as if a wind was blowing. The air would be still and none of the leaves on the other trees would be moving. Each tree seemed to be responding to me as I would come to bring it water.

This continued throughout the summer and the deepening connection with the trees and plants in my garden brought me great joy.

The reason I am sharing this story with you is that as we perform our spiritual practices and also connect more with nature we are participating in a dance with the spirit that lives in all things. This dance feeds our souls on all levels and reminds us of the beauty of life.

When we journey and when we perform ceremonies we are dancing with the spirits. This is a joyful dance. When we go out and commune with nature this is also a joyful dance. It taps into a cellular memory of why we came into bodies to be on this planet.

With all that is going on in the world today I don’t know how many of us remember the dance part of our connection with the spirit world. I understand that many of us use shamanism and other spiritual methods to communicate with the spirits to ask for help with problems. And I know that this is a wonderful way to work with personal and global issues.

I want to encourage you to also use you spiritual practices to bring joy into your life. We know how much sacred play and humor can heal.

This month as you continue your journeys, meditations and ceremonies let’s focus on the dance with the spirits and the spirit of water. As we keep looking at healing our waters inside and outside as well as the rest of our environment, let’s look at how sacred play and loving communication can be part of that healing. As we become loving and happy partners with the elements instead of “working to fix” them I do believe that we will see positive results.

As you continue to connect spiritually with the bodies of water near you as we have done in September and October (look at the last two Transmutation News for more info) let’s add the element of play and humor into our practices. Notice how it takes some of the heaviness off the environmental problems. We can communicate on a deeper level with nature when we are not focused on fixing a problem.

Recently I had a dream where I kept on hearing how beautiful life is. I heard the message over and over again and also felt this in my body. The last message of the dream was how people have forgotten this and how we have to teach people step by step how to get back into the beauty of life.

For me bringing play into our spiritual practices is one way of doing this.

November 8 is the full moon. Let’s designate this day as “a play day” with the spirit that lives in all things. Set your intention in the morning and ask that you be shown omens throughout the day that will help you see how the spirits are responding. In working with omens you must become very observant to what nature shows you. For example, you might notice a change in behavior of the animals, birds, and other life around you. You might find that you meet people whose words hold a different kind of meaning for you that tie into your intention for the day. The wind might change as you have different thoughts and feelings.

As thousands of us around the world set our intention to engage fully with the spirits of nature we will activate a new kind of relationship with the living beings we share this earth with.

This will inspire you to keep up your spiritual practices from a place of joy instead of seeing them as one more thing you have to find time for in your life.

I was visiting with a descendant during one of my journeys. As I have written I have found journeying to the descendants a valuable way of learning how to evolve my spiritual work.

During this journey I met with one descendant verses the community I usually meet with. I asked her if she had any advice for me as she watched me teach.

She reminded me that the transfiguration process I have been teaching must become more of a body process and less of a mental process. As many people who transfigure do this in a shamanic journey it is important to make sure that you are not trying to visualize your journey.

Transfiguration is a cellular experience accessed by the sense of feeling. To deepen your transfiguration process the first step is to journey or meditate on how you can unburden yourself from earthly concerns. It is important to take a time out from what your mind is engaging in and perceives as important. In other words we must remove mental distractions. There might be times of the day when you can practice transfiguration before your mind becomes filled with thoughts. You might journey or meditate on a short ritual you can do to set your burdens aside temporarily.

The next helpful step will be to do some deep breathing before and during your transfiguration meditation/journey. Start by placing your hands on your abdomen and inhale slowly through your nose so that your hands are rising. Then pause for one breath and then exhale slowly through the nose. Pause again before taking the next inhale. Make sure your abdomen is rising and lowering so you are breathing deeply and that you are not taking shallow breaths.

As you transfigure keep your hands on your abdomen and continue to breathe slowly and deeply. This will create more of a body/cellular experience verses the energy being in your head.

As this practice becomes more of a body process you will continue to raise your vibration of your cells and your light will shine through you without having to put conscious attention to doing this. Your ability to effect those around you will become a passive non-doing practice. But first your body must change its vibration.

Add deep breathing into your regular transfiguration practice and notice how your vibration changes. If you can add toning to this you will wake up your cells even more.

If you are new to the Transmutation News, please look at the two chapters on Dismemberment and Transfiguration in Medicine for the Earth.

“The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying” CD produced by Sounds True is available this month. You can go to or call 800-333-9185 for ordering information.

I hope you will let people know about my new website This website lists local teachers who can teach on the CD.

We will still have the website for local Medicine for the Earth Teachers on

I am excited by the alliance of teachers and being able to seed our communities with local teachers making spiritual practices available to all who would like to explore ways of evolving consciousness.

November 8 is the full moon. As we declare this is a play day with the spirits of the land and all living beings, let’s remember to joyfully keep weaving a global human web of light.

Transmutation News – October 2003

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful season of fall.

On the recommendation of friends, I went to see the movie “Seabiscuit.” I did enjoy it, but what struck me was the reaction of the audience. I can not remember being at a movie when the audience clapped at different places throughout it and at the end. I remember when I was a child everyone clapped at the end of a movie. But that doesn’t seem to be the case these days.

Obviously what excited folks was how inspirational the movie is. One of the themes that I have been writing about for years is that people want and need to be inspired. Times are perceived as tough, since we have gotten caught up in the illusion that we are separate. There is a lot of suffering going on for many on different levels. I think that “Seabiscuit” helped people feel that when times are tough, not to give up. In not giving up, there is success.

My point being, as much as you can use words and bring conversations with others to a place of inspiring hope instead of getting trapped in discussing how bad things are and asking “what is the use of trying to do anything about it,” we become uplifted instead of depressed.

In the spring I recorded a CD called “The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying.” It was produced by Sounds True. It will be available for sale between October 15 and November 1.

The CD is 74 minutes long. On the CD I talk about the practice of shamanic journeying and how it can be used to access spiritual guidance in modern times. I give instructions on how to journey to the Lower World, Middle World, and Upper World. I also talk about different kinds of journeys one might choose to take. The CD ends with a 10 minute drumming track, followed by the return beat.

The CD has enough information for people to start journeying for themselves. I did not have the time to delve into how shamanic journeying can be used for others.

If you are interested in ordering the CD, you can get it from Sounds True. You can call them at 800-333-9185 or 303-665-3151, or you can visit their website:

I did a second project for Sounds True that will be out this February. I took what I lectured on in “The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying” and expanded it into an 80-page book. I had a lot more space to go into more details about journeying and was able to tell more stories that are based on my experience in teaching. Included with the book will be a CD of three different drumming sessions. One is 10 minutes long, one 30 minutes, and one is a 30-minute double drumming session. Again, all the drumming includes the return beat.

This will be available in February, but I will give you a reminder when it comes out. Both projects can be used to teach others how to journey if you have been wanting to start a journey group, but have been unsure how to introduce the practice to others.

To anticipate the interest that might come from the general public from these two projects, I have started a new website: This website will list local teachers who are available to teach basic shamanic journeying skills.

As my teacher trainings in shamanic journeying and shamanic healing proceed in 2004, I will be able to add to the list local teachers who can teach workshops on shamanic healing.

The website is up now if you would like to visit it.

In April I put some pictures of the water we photographed with a GDV camera that works on the Kirlian effect. I was so excited about being able to show people the energetic changes in water as we worked on it. The pictures have a greater impact on people than talking about the change in pH.

You can see these pictures by either looking at the April Transmutation News or visiting and going to the “results” section. There you will find an explanation about the camera and about Dr. Konstantine Korotkov, the Russian doctor who developed it.

It was also exciting to take pictures of the participants in our circle before and after they transfigured. There was quite a marked difference in their energy fields.

The excitement about the pictures of everyone who has seen them inspired me to get a GDV camera that I can use at my workshops. In 2004 I will have the camera present at my trainings in Santa Fe so people can see where their energy fields are and how spiritual work affects their own health and well-being. Most of us don’t need pictures to show us this. But there are some who really need to see the physical proof. The pictures do inspire us to keep up our practice.

We will also continue taking pictures of the water and it will be a way for us to try different kinds of spiritual practices and see how they affect the energy field of water. We will also be able to observe the changes over time. I am excited about bringing in this tool to my trainings so we can get feedback on how our work is going.

I have been doing some spiritual work on my well. Last month I was guided to transfigure and then merge with the water in its divinity. It was a very powerful experience for me.

This month, continue the practice with water that I gave you in the September Transmutation News. This time, keep working on the same body of water you picked in September and transfigure and merge with the water in its state of divine perfection.

The full moon is October 10 and I ask that we join our divine light together to continue weaving a human web of light around our earth.

Transmutation News – September 2003

This summer a woman from the University of Michigan Medical School contacted me. She had attended a Medicine for the Earth Gathering. After the training she became interested in proposing a research project to study the effects of the transfiguration process and other Medicine for the Earth spiritual practices on people’s health. We are in the process of developing the study.

As we are looking at a good trial population to work with, I sent an e-mail to all the Medicine for the Earth Teachers asking for how the work was impacting participants in their trainings. The trainings are focused on working environmental pollution and we do work a lot on water. As we are mostly water, the work will also impact us.

I was very excited to get some wonderful feedback. There was a lot of success with people who had been chronically depressed feeling that their depression was gone. Participants have been reporting a general sense of well being and an increased level of energy. There were some specific physical problems that cleared up. Some people had gone into remission with cancer. A couple of people had successful results with a noticeable change in diabetes, hypothyroidism and kidney stones. There has been noticeable success with people suffering with environmental illness.

Over the last two years participants have reported back similar results to me. And people who have been keeping up a regular transfiguration practice are telling m that their behavior and way of communicating with others has changed in a positive significant way. Attitudes about life are changing. It seems like people who are making transfiguration a regular practice are really noticing a change in who they are becoming. As you know for me this has been the point of the work. For as we change so does our environment. It’s a very exciting time of seeing so much spiritual work occurring and the results of this work. In speaking to people who have been conducting experiments on a scientific level to track the results of spiritual work, we are all seeing a one time ceremony is not enough.

For example, Kirlian pictures were taken of water where love and appreciation were directed on the water. The water showed a 300 times higher vibration and energy field than before the work. But after a few hours the water went back to the same state it was before the work.

We have found similar results with our own work with water. It does not hold the change. As we keep working on the water the healing does increase. But we do have to keep up the work.

This is why every month I keep repeating the same phrases over and over again. For the Western model that most of us have fallen into is the “quick fix”. The point I keeping making is the work has to become us. As Gandhi said, we must be the change we want to see.

We all love to see the pictures that come from sending love and appreciation to the water. But as with ourselves we must keep up the work.

We must continue our ceremonies of sending love and gratitude to our environment. But we will see the long-term effects when we become love and appreciation.

In collecting results and hearing about the effects of the Medicine for the Earth work I am excited to hear that many teachers and practitioners are taking the work out of the classroom and into the environment. Many people are beginning to work on bodies of water where they live. This is wonderful as one can only go so far in a classroom experience.

Some people are beginning to take water from rivers and lakes where they are teaching and working on water from these locations and testing it. So far I have also heard good results of changes in pH or nitrites or nitrates depending on the testing used. Recently one teacher reported that her group took water from the Missouri River. In using a pH meter they found the starting pH to be 6.4. After the transfiguration ceremony the pH went to 7.4 to neutral.

It’s really wonderful to watch the work evolving and the incredible commitment of so many people to stay with the process. It gives me so much hope as we continue to be bombarded with so much news of environmental disasters.

I recently read a newsletter put out by Dr. Sherry Rodgers . You might have heard that there are now reports of perchlorate pollution, which comes from rocket fuel. The Wall Street Journal just published something about this problem.

The contamination of perchlorate is in most drinking water in the U.S. The government has imposed a gag order on the EPA publicly discussing the problem.

Recently some tests were done on mixed organic baby lettuce greens. 121 parts per billion of perchlorate were found. According to Dr. Rodgers this means that millions of U.S. women of childbearing age are exposed daily to more perchlorate that the EPA has recommended as a safe dose just from organic lettuce alone.

Research has shown that the concentrations of perchlorate are not only able to masquerade as numerous symptoms and diseases, but are particularly devastating to young developing infants.
I am not giving you this news to depress you. For we know that spiritual work can change that toxicity. We are seeing it over and over again. But the work has to be kept up. When you eat your food give thanks and appreciation for the light you are receiving. Know that you are divine and pure light and that the food and water you are drinking is pure light. As you live in this way you raise the light vibration of everything that you take in. Mystics have been doing this successfully for thousands of years. It is time for us to know that we have the same abilities of the greatest healers throughout time. Their message has always been to find the divine inside of each and every one of us. And today we are really being asked to “step up to the plate”.

And equally important to you “stepping up to the plate” is to educate your children. Start each day and every meal with a ceremony. Teach them about how everything is connected and light. They know this more than adults do. Sometimes they need reminders as we do as they get caught up in the fast paced life of our times. Take time out with your children and do ceremony work. Don’t wait for me to write a book on how to do this. And if you ask them to lead you in a ceremony they won’t even have to think about it. Children when acknowledged come up with great ceremonies to do to bring in thanks, honor, love and appreciation.

At a workshop I taught this summer on soul retrieval there was a wonderful woman from Belgium there. She had been involved with work being done on water at a lab at the university in Stuttgart in Germany.

I am very excited about learning about the work being done there, and I am looking forward to visiting the lab when I teach in Germany this October. Minnie Hein is a teacher and healer who is doing research there. She also travels to Peru often and works with a shaman there.

Minnie and others are involved in many projects, which I will keep you informed of as I learn more. But there was one study they did that I find particularly fascinating. In the German language when you are feeling ill, the term you say is “I am not in order”. This is what they are finding when they put toxic water under a dark field microscope. They find that the water molecules are chaotic and out of order. When they take the saliva from people who are ill and put it under a dark field microscope they find this same chaos and disorder.

Many of you might be aware that homeopathy is very well recognized in Germany. A company who puts out homeopathic remedies there contacted Minnie. They wanted her to do a study to find out why their remedies were not as potent as they used to be. Minnie decided to test the saliva of the people who put the remedies together. She found that they were “out of order”. When she could teach them how to hold a sacred space while working and come back into order the remedies once again achieved their high potency.

I think this is a great example of how our state of being can effect the food we create when we cook, the creative projects we are involved in, our gardening and basically everything we do. It is hard to stay centered and in order with the fast paced lives we have created. As we make our spiritual practices “a habit” we find that we can learn to maintain a state of order for longer periods of time. We must become a living intention.

In working with the transmutation work, as I am presenting it, it is important to not only recognize our own divinity but also the divinity and perfection in all living beings. When we are working with water that we label as polluted, we must go deeper and look into the divinity and perfection of that water.

This month merge or transfigure with a body of water near you that you consider polluted. See it’s light, divinity, and pure essence. In recognizing the water’s light and divinity this aspect of itself can shine through. We end up raising our vibration as well as the water’s vibration by seeing it in its perfection.

Again this is an exercise you can do with children. You don’t need to have a child merge with water or transfigure. Children need to learn how to maintain their own boundaries. Talk to your children about the life force in water and how water nurtures us. You can teach how we are also water. You get the point. You can take the information I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth on working with the elements and put it into language your child will understand.

By teaching children at a young age to know that everyone is divine and light is quite powerful, as children will grow up working on a higher vibration. As you do your work with water also have your child recognize the light and perfection in the water you are working with. As you drink water in your family, keep talking about the light, divinity and the light force that is being shared.

As we do rituals for and with water, earth, air, and fire it is important to remember they are interconnected. We have a tendency in our culture to create separation. For example, we separate our different vitamins forgetting how all the vitamins interact with each other. We treat body parts and organs as separate entities. If you hurt your arm it affects your entire body.

It is time for us to work with earth, water, air, and fire as one living organism. Pay attention to this during this month. Watch how you tend to perceive the elements as separate. Notice as you change your perception to seeing the elements as one organism how your understanding of the principle of interconnection change.

A lot of education needs to be done in teaching people about the principle of interdependence and the life of all things. My heart broke in August when I read an article in the newspaper that really shows an extreme amount of ignorance to the preciousness of life.

In New Mexico we are losing most of our pinion trees to a beetle. The immune system of the trees here have been compromised by the extreme draught we are in. It is expected that by 2006 80-85% of all pinion pine will be gone in New Mexico.

Here is what a forester said:
“I think it’s actually a blessing in disguise. I think it’s wonderful. Me and my field team and all the people I work with, we’re just excited, we’re just having a great time out there looking at it, observing it and studying it.” (he is referring to observing entire hillsides of dead trees.)

I understand that he is referring to the evolution of the landscape that will occur. But to be so callous that millions of living beings are dying and to be excited about it brought me to my knees. For me it would be like hearing millions of children are dying and isn’t it great.

Yes, evolution is happening and on some level this is all perfect. But living beings on a mass scale are dying and let us honor the life that is leaving as something new will be born.

Of course, this brings us into honoring the change in season, which occurs this month on the autumnal equinox, which is September 23.

The season of fall continues to teach us about the cycle, transition, and rite of passage of death/rebirth. On earth we are all bound by this cycle. Something must die as something new is born. Many of us resist anything to do with death and letting go. We cling to what we know and the known. We forget that something is always born out of death. We forget that the light is born out of darkness.

I journeyed on how we can work and support each other in ceremony during the equinox.
My power animal suggested one ritual to do is to light a candle on Sept.23 in honor of all the people living and other living beings that have died this year. In their death we know that some form of regeneration and new life will be born.

In lighting the candle we honor and give gratitude for their presence on earth and wish them well in their journey on and in their own rebirth.

Allow yourself to connect hearts with all the people around the world reading this web page while we all honor together that which has needed to pass so something new can be born. Let’s create a circle of love and light as we do this work together and feel yourself as part of a loving supportive community.

If you choose to do more on this day you might wish to meditate or journey on the attitudes and belief systems that need to drop from you as the leaves do during this time from the mighty beautiful trees. The leaves of the tree drop and the leaves create food for the earth. What attitudes and beliefs keep you from regenerating and experiencing new birth and change in your life? What do you need to let go of, so something new can be born in the spring? What do you need to let go of so regeneration and new life can gestate during the winter month?

You can do a fire ceremony where you create a talisman, which you can empower with these limiting attitudes, and beliefs, which you can give to the fire. I wrote about performing fire ceremonies in Medicine for the Earth if you need more information.

Or you might wish to visualize transmuting these beliefs and attitudes and giving them to the wind, or burying them in the earth, or letting the water take them to the sea. Please remember to transmute the energy behind them to light so you are not dumping negativity into the elements.

Use the gift of imagination and create a ceremony which creates a connection between you and the invisible worlds to state your intention that you are willing to release that which keeps you from bringing in new life.

You can work with a group and all support each other in your work. Remember if you work in a group let your support also go to those who are working alone. If you do this work on your own know that circles and people around the world are supporting you in invisible and energetic ways.

Fall is my favorite season. I look forward to it every year. Nature looks so strikingly beautiful at this time of year for me. It reminds me of the beauty and magic of transitions.

We have been working at getting in touch with our light with the practice of transfiguration and through shifting our perception about our true nature.

For this month let’s see if we can lift people up and spark the connection to their own inner light. Be an instrument of love and light. As you meet and work with people say something like; “You look like you are shining today.” Make a remark on how bright someone might seem. As you are in the grocery store try to beam your own light and watch how people around you change and respond.

On another note, I wanted to introduce you to the work of Myron Eshowsky. Myron is a brilliant teacher and healer and has been teaching workshops on shamanic journeying and healing. Over the past years he has been involved in teaching community healing work and international peacemaking. He has started a non-profit foundation out of his work called Pathways Foundation for Peace and Healing.

They have a number of drumming and healing circles in the Michigan prison system and the probability that these will expand into the women’s prisons as well as the men’s. They are doing a number of youth at risk projects. They have started a dreamers project where journeying is used to look at how to bring peace into the world and do peace projects.

One of their goals is to continue to create shamanic/healing-based projects geared towards peace and healing on a community/global level. They plan to do some conferences with indigenous people on a non-traditional approach to peacemaking this year.

Myron has been working a lot with the international peacemaking community. He went to Russia for the international conference there twice and got extremely positive response to his teachings.

I really support Myron’s efforts and dream to create a society of Spirit, which fosters peace and healing for all. For more information you can visit

Please remember to check the Important Links Section if your first language is not English and you are looking for reading the Transmutation News in German, Italian, French or Slovakian.

The full moon this month is September 10. Please let’s continue to transfigure and experience a great human web of light circling our planet. Shine your light in its fullness and light up all those who you meet.

Happy Autumn!!

Transmutation News – August 2003

I picked an interesting day to write the Transmutation News. Due to my traveling schedule I do not have much choice on when I write this monthly newsletter.

A fire just north of Santa Fe has the town completely enveloped with smoke. I went outside to water some of my plants which are so stressed from draught and smoke. I could barely breathe and got nauseous from breathing in so much smoke. The birds are panicking and flying into things. I go inside to turn on the news to see if I can get any information on where that fire is and I see people preparing to deal with floods from an incoming hurricane. Days ago I was watching cars floating down streets in the Midwest from flooding. While parts of the country are flooding, the Southwest is burning up by unusually high temperatures and no rain. This is like a deja-vu as I remember writing about smoke filled skies last summer in the midst of flooding in other parts of the country.

I sit here wondering, just how out of balance does nature have to get before masses wake up? Yes, there are many people waking up on the planet today. We are all doing what we can to send light and raise the vibration. And we must keep up our spiritual work no matter what is happening in the external world. The time we live in requires us to not get attached to external validation but yet know that the work we are doing together is important. It is more important than ever for different spiritual groups from different traditions to support each other. No matter how different our methods seem, the end result is the same.

In June I presented the Medicine for the Earth work at a conference on the Rio Grande River in Santa Fe. There was a group of people from the Hopi reservation from the Black Mesa Trust. I gave a lecture that focused on the two levels of the Medicine for the Earth work. I talked about it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do. I included in this lecture the importance of transmuting the energy around our emotions, thoughts, and attitudes and also reported on the ceremonial work we have been doing with the water we have polluted with ammonium hydroxide. I stressed the need to combine ceremonies to reverse the pollution we have created with the daily spiritual practices we must incorporate to change on an inner level.

Then we did a short ceremony to create blessed holy water that volunteers would give back to the Rio Grande at different locations on the river.

After the ceremony four Hopi men came up to me to thank me for my words and the ceremony. There was one elder in the group. They said it was like listening to an outsider speaking the words of their grandfathers. It touched them deeply and helped them as many of the Hopi have rejected the old teachings.

It’s important to plant seeds and inspire people where we can. You never know how your words will heal those around you.

The conference ended up being smaller that we expected. But for the people who came it was a way of networking and offering support to each other.

I have written about the plight of the Hopi and Navajo before. Every day, Peabody Western Coal Company pumps 3.3 million gallons of pure groundwater from the Navajo Aquifer, which flows beneath the Hopi and Navajo nations in northeastern Arizona. The water is mixed with crushed coal and slurried from a stripmine on Black Mesa to a power plant in Nevada. The poisoned water is neither reclaimed nor reused.

The waste water is a serious threat to the land as well as the Hopi people. The Hopi and Navajo are running out of water to use as a result of this.

If you are interested in learning more you can visit

Some of you have been writing in and asking me what is happening with the book for children I have been working on. As I have been traveling non-stop I had to put it aside for awhile. Also, at this point there are no publishers expressing interest. This has never stopped me from continuing my writing before.

But a student of mine has presented me with an opportunity to work on the same material but in a different form that will reach a much broader audience. I don’t want to say much more than that right now as we have just begun the project. But I am very excited about the possibilities. There are so many children who obviously came in with the tools to heal what we have created. I feel a task for all of us is to help them stay awake and not fall under the spell we have as adults.

I will say more as this project proceeds. When I am done with the project I am working on, I will complete the book I began. I hope to be done with both projects by the end of the year.

After I came back from Brazil to see Joao de Deus, which was a wonderful experience, I had a great dream. In the dream I went to Switzerland where I was meeting with the group that is in the three-year training I am teaching.

I walked into the room and the group was so excited. They wanted to share with me that they had finally gotten what I have been teaching about the importance of setting a strong intention. They all got at the same moment that they could create anything with intention. At that moment I woke up.

All the ancient teaching share the importance of setting intention. Let’s pay special attention to the intentions we put out through our day.

As the elements outside of us are trying to make a statement about the imbalance of our way of life, let’s together on Sunday August 16, meditate or journey to the elements with in. Using the principle of as above, so below; as within, so without what is the message the elements are trying to tell us about restoring balance to ourselves and our planet?

If you want to send me very brief messages (one or two sentences), I will post them on the next Transmutation News.

Back in the 1990’s I used to write a soul retrieval newsletter twice a year. I would find that before the next issue was to be written I would receive letters from practitioners asking the same question. Obviously, that would be the issue I would write about.

In the last few weeks I have received letters from students who practice both the classical shamanic healing methods and from practitioners who are working with bringing through spiritual light through the use of transfiguration.

The results of the work seemed to surprise the practitioners. Instead of getting reports that a client felt great after the soul retrieval or other forms of healing work, a client might have reported fear or anger or other issues arising. The practitioners were asking me if I thought something went wrong.

On the contrary something went right. Yes, clients often come to us seeking “a spiritual happy pill.” But is this really healing? As I used to write over and over in my soul retrieval newsletter, sometimes the spiritual healing work we do for a client marks the end of their healing. And sometimes the healing work we perform marks the beginning of their work.

When we bring back lost essence, power, or spiritual light that which still needs to be healed will surface. This begins the incredibly rich process of now having what has been blocking us on all levels be addressed and worked through. There of course are many ways to work through issues that arise. Some people choose to work through issues with going to a psychotherapist. Some would prefer to use methods such as shamanic journeying or meditation to bring light to an issue and work it through.

The result of spiritual healing work can sometimes finish issues that have already been worked through physically and emotionally. If the issue has not been worked through, the spiritual healing will bring to light the work that still needs to be done. This is a good thing. Practitioners must become comfortable with uncomfortable states arising for clients after healing work. It is not a realistic expectation of practitioners or clients that everyone will feel ecstatic and happy after one session. For true healing is a process. I hope you get the point.

The full moon is August 11, please continue to weave a planetary human web of light.

Please remember to experience the feelings of love and appreciation for yourself and all living beings as much as possible. The more you do this your life changes as well as you change the vibration of the world around you.