The last couple of months some of you have been reaching out to me about the importance of what I have been sharing about living in the present and also in reflecting on your current connections and seeing who and what you need to disconnect from and what new connections need to be made.

When we connect in healthy ways to others and nature we end up collecting very valuable knowledge. And suddenly this has been very important to me. When walking out in nature and seeing a plant I don’t know I ask what kind of knowledge it has. For I have realized that everything that exists is not only alive but carries knowledge to be shared across species about how we can live on this planet connected fully to the web of life. There is so much knowledge to be gained right now.

As you know I am in love with the elements. And since the elements are the first beings who came onto the Earth imagine the knowledge that they must hold for us on living life in a good way.

All of this loops back to sacred reciprocity and community.

Of course, the first step is to examine the connection we have with ourselves and how to practice sacred reciprocity to give thanks to ourselves for being willing to keep moving forward and doing practices no matter what the outcome is. So much of spiritual work is letting go of outcomes as everything in this world is outside of time although we like to put time in convenient boundaries so we can make sense of the passing phases of life.

You really need to connect with yourself in a way where you feel empowered and are walking forward while trusting your intuition and knowing there is a higher power and order we just don’t understand at this time in our evolution. But our work brings us to a place of realizing that beyond the suffering we are experiencing ourselves and projecting out onto the world, we are actually truly blessed to have an earthly experience where our growth is challenged so deeply. Who will we become when we take charge of our destiny and join in love and kindness with others?

Coming back to the elements that gave us life. As I keep repeating, we are also earth, air, water, and fire. You might know a circle song that is sung around the world:

Earth my Body

Water my Blood

Air my Breath


Fire my Spirit

We are the elements and they are also outside of us as well giving us life but at the same time stripping away at our ego and parts of our life that no longer serve the larger earth community.

On March 19 we celebrate the equinox. The illusion of time is quickly passing into a new phase of life where in the Northern Hemisphere we get to see the bounty of the seeds we planted in the fall and winter and in the Southern Hemisphere it is time to prepare for letting go of the old and preparing for rest and renewal.

Isis gave me the suggestion of merging with the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Lightning, the Moon, the Stars, the Cosmos. Perform these journeys over the month of March and experience what knowledge you absorb from the elements within and without.

If you have never performed a merging journey, it is quite simple. Think of a form of an element you wish to merge with such as a raindrop, the mist, the sea, a pinecone, the land where you live, a flame in a match, a fire forest fire, the sun, the wind caressing your hair, a rock, the land that lightning has touched. I love to merge with ice.

Start with “May I step into your field of energy and learn from you by merging with you?” When you receive a yes as your answer gently imagine becoming this being you are learning about. So you are learning about the element by becoming it versus speaking to it.

You can also perform this as a meditation using some spiritual music to get you into a spiritual space. You can do this outside and experience the merging of all the elements coming together in harmony.

What knowledge can you gain by connecting with the elements in this way? And what can you learn about how the elements work together in perfect harmony? My body is asking for “intelligent” knowledge right now. And I am seeing everything in life as having knowledge to connect with right now. It feels like I am reconnecting to life by sending out strings or webs to nature and finding my spot in the web.

The full moon is March 25. It is the Worm Moon.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to merge with the moon while transfiguring and adding our power to the power of the moon, stars, and cosmos to emanate light and love to every part of the Earth and all in the web of life. Do your preparation work so you can be in the right state of consciousness to leave this world behind and shine like the light of the moon bringing beauty everywhere to this great earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News you can find the instructions for our full moon ceremonies on the homepage.

By the way, I wrote a fabulous chapter on Earthworms in Speaking with Nature.

You have probably seen the joke going around Facebook. I have watched it circulate for years. There is a funny comic and two comic book people talking. “What do you think the future will bring?” The future will bring beauty and flowers.” Why do you think this?” “Because that is what I am planting”.

I had to paraphrase this as I don’t remember the exact wording. But as shamans are gardeners of energy we all get this.

Plant during the spring and fall what you want to see grow in the future when the timing is right for the germination of the seeds to blossom into the beauty we all dreamed of. And don’t forget to get rest, sun, and nurturance on all levels to feel fed by nature and by the elements of life.

Join me in wishing our global circle a beautiful equinox!

And I am delighted to announce we found new French translators. Please join me on thanking Laurence and Karine for bringing the Transmutation News to our French readers.


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