Throughout my life, I have carried this firm belief that when things break down in my house or car it is a metaphor for something going on in my life.

I found myself in a strange situation with my car. I don’t have a fancy car, but I have a reliable car and that is important to all of us. I bought my car in 2016 when I felt I needed a few more safety features. I have a Subaru.

It has been such a great vehicle for traveling, especially before the pandemic when I was driving more to trainings.

But every year my battery died. Woods and I would start looking at each other with accusatory looks of who left the door open, the lights, on, etc. This went on every year.

Finally, a couple of months ago we had to call AAA as we could not jump the battery on our own. And the AAA driver said “I see this all the time with older cars like yours that have Starlink”. I kept Starlink as I liked having the extra security if I needed help on a deserted road.

So, to make the longest story short it turns out that Subaru always knew there was an issue with older cars with Starlink. The reason is that the battery will keep searching for 3 G when the world has moved on to 5G, but older Subarus don’t know a different frequency is out there. So, it keeps looking for the older slower frequency that no longer exists. It was spending 24/7 looking for this slower frequency and the battery kept burning out once a year. Even when the car was off the battery was looking for 3 G.

This was startling information for me as Subaru was aware of the issue but never bothered to fill me in.

But I had to sit with the metaphor for I wonder if this is what I and others are experiencing.

In the shamanic community and the spiritual community, we keep talking about raising our frequency. In the Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light trainings, I constantly teach about the need to work on our body and ego before stepping into higher frequencies. For if your body is not ready to hold that level of energy it will certainly burn out. So diet, exercise, keeping your nervous system strong, grounding, working on shadow states and old traumas, and making sure you do your spiritual preparation are all important to keep us healthy as we do our spiritual work and move into more evolved states of consciousness. It is also important to learn from Nature. Everything in life goes through growth cycles. We can learn how to pace ourselves in healthier ways by becoming one with Nature and its cycles and ever-changing phases.

Back in the early 1980’s I ate some psilocybin late at night at home. This was unusual for me as when I was on mushrooms I had to be with nature. I had to be with running rivers and sitting with trees all day long, or walking all night to the ocean and then sitting with it as the sun came up.

Anyway, my helping spirits started showing me how to put my hand through the wood of a door. There was a lesson they were trying to teach me. They shared with me that in order to be successful at this I had to learn how to slow down my frequency to a much slower level than I was vibrating at.

I did have the experience of my hand starting to move through the door. I stopped myself from going farther. But the lesson of slowing down my frequency always stuck with me.

So with my car, I sat with what was happening for a while, and I can see how I have been searching for a lower frequency to live at so I stay healthy but can still do all my powerful shamanic work. For what do we keep trying to raise our frequency for?

I obviously teach transfiguration which is working with the Creator’s light that was planted as a seed in us. And that light and energy has the ability to create just like Source did. And this is high-frequency work.

This leaves me pondering and finding myself excited to explore another level of working with shamanic energies and the energies of life.

My mother and I were/ are the slowest walkers you can imagine. Do we truly understand the unique speed that we need to feel safe and grounded on this Earth?

Most of the help I personally see people need is calming down their nervous system.  Is it that our nervous systems are struggling to keep up with the frequencies we are trying to attain? Are we burning out our body’s ability to survive? Is there more work we need to do? And what are the benefits of working with lower frequencies? And what perceptions do we have about lower frequencies?

The full moon is July 21 and is the Buck Moon. Can you step away from the chaos and challenges of the outside world so that you can let go of your ego, thoughts, let go of the form of your body, and allow your inner light that is as bright as the sun, moon, stars above us to shine as brightly as these amazing bodies of life remind us of the truth of who we are. The truth is you are that light too and can radiate that light within and throughout the Earth to every living being in the web of life. That is our service right now to radiate love and light and to bring back the feminine principle to the planet.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News below are links for instructions on how to prepare for a ceremony and then instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony Creating a Human Web of Light.

This link brings you to a powerful transfiguration ceremony.

This is an interesting inspiration I found in my journals:

“You can’t resist life because the force is too strong.”

It is true, isn’t it? We try but we get hurt. There was a recent inspiration on FB where someone shared how Buffalos face storms and get through them faster than trying to turn away from the storm. I feel that quote says something similar.


I wanted to let everyone know I am regularly posting inspirational posts on my Authors Page on Facebook  and @ingermansandra on Instagram. I have been doing this since December and all the posts are still up. Reading and pondering what I am sharing is very inspiring. I hope you will check-in.

And don’t forget to visit our Shamans are Gardeners of Energy Facebook page to post inspirational stories and images and also to be uplifted by what our community is sharing. To join the Facebook group Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy, go to: The password is “Transfiguration”. “

I love going to Shamans are Gardeners of Energy to rest from life and take in so much of the beauty that people post. It is my sacred space for getting away from the conditioned world.

It is important to me to know that I created these FB pages to give inspiration. Yes, I do promote as I do have new books, audios, and courses to share about. But my reason for posting now is to help lift us all up in these challenging times. I don’t care how many people sign up for my FB pages. I am simply trying to keep our community inspired and moving forward with our work- those who want some inspiration.

Sylvia Edwards has generously compiled a list of the ceremonies that have been shared so far on the Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy website. Below is a link to that page.

Thank you, Sylvia, for gifting us with this list:

An exciting upcoming webinar:

I am delighted to announce a webinar hosted by Shamans Portal on July 17. The webinar will be sharing a roadmap and tools for working through initiations. It is based on a new audio that will coming out from Sounds True “Polishing the Path of the Soul” and some on my book Walking through Darkness.  This program will be very experiential. I am excited about sharing the work with the shamanic community.

From my heart, I invite you to watch The Shamans Cave. Renee Baribeau and I are in our sixth year of our podcast, and we keep getting stronger and more passionate about the topics we feel are important to discuss right now. For a schedule of our shows visit You can really help us out by subscribing to our show and commenting when you watch or listen to it.

For many years I have been sharing with you about a wonderful young hip-hop artist who puts messages of peace and healing in his music. I love his work and have donated money to help him on this project and others. We hope to come together to create an app for troubled and urban city kids and teenagers. I will record some shamanic ceremonies and journeys and then there will be a more appropriate person who will be my voice.

Quincy just released his new album, Rebelwise: Fully Loaded Altar:

Quincy shares:” Rebelwise project is about delivering “dope medicine” for modern times, and this project has many references to shamanism and other spiritual concepts, which may be an introduction for younger teen audiences, especially those into Hip-Hop.”

Many of you bought Quincy’s albums that I mentioned in the past. He really speaks to your kids, young relatives, and teens. I hope you share Quincy’s work.

In Explore Your Shamanically Guided “Dream Print: Experience Your Soul’s Guidance Through an African Dreamwork Approach with John Lockley, a fully initiated sangoma (or shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa, you’ll discover your unique dream print, enhancing your spiritual self-esteem as you begin identifying and embracing your personal path and calling. For more information click on this link:

This is a project I am really going to be supporting and helping to get out into the world. So the write-up is a bit long. But what Dasha Bond is doing for women and children in need is amazing.

What do bees have to do with shamanism, spirituality, and dealing with grief? Readers of the new book, 

Dreaming with Bees: Sacred Medicine from Beyond the Veil of Grief, from Brave Healer Productions, 

will quickly understand what all the buzz is about. In the book, lead author Dasha Allred Bond and 23 of her “bee sisters,” share their cathartic journeys through personal pain along with tools readers can use in their lives.

There are chapters on an adoptee’s journey from abandonment to belonging; a body-centered
practice for finding one’s soul besties; manifesting missing father love; and finding a way
through traumatic grief, to name a few. 

The “sister bees” are Jill “GiG” Austin, Batsheva, Christina Marta Beebe, Leah Benjamin, Maria Brannon, Kristin Clark, Emilie Collins, Kim Collins, Elizabeth DeVaughn, Leslie Garbis, Angelica Dunsavage, Kim Louise Eden, Lilly Emerson, Sonia Fernández LeBlanc, Jennifer Harvard, Jan Hatcher, Wendy House, Hope Kernea, Paula Martens, Dusty Rose Miller, Shelby Reardon, Lauren Russell, and Carrie Elizabeth Wilkerson.

Dasha’s connection with bees began before taking a trip to Mexico in 2021. She recalls, “Every night, I started dreaming about bees. They taught me how the sacred medicine of
Mother Mary is the same medicine as the bees and the healing hive. Every night for months, they came. During the day, I started noticing bee imagery everywhere, messages on walls about bees,
and actual live bees began flying into my field. Before I went to sleep at night, I felt their little energy bodies on my skin. I felt like my true shamanic path flew in on bees’ wings.”

The heart-centered call to write the Dreaming with Bees book itself came during a lucid dream. The bees advised that this was to be much more than a book. The stories written and shared would help kick-start fundraising for the nonprofit, Aluna Bridge, whose mission is to offer support and sanctuary to women and children requiring hospice care who are also without homes or are experiencing housing insecurities. In addition, donations will be made to nonprofits whose mission is to help protect and sustain our bee friends.

I will be donating to Dasha’s project. And once I have more information I will share how you can do that too if your heart feels drawn to helping.

You can pick up a copy of the book out on Amazon or directly from the website at the links below.

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