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My helping spirits have started working with me by only giving me body centered experiences. They are not only giving me information in words, but rather helping me understand certain teachings by giving information for me to feel on a sensory level.

Over the last months my helping spirits keep showing me the need to move back into a place of flow. I have shared a bit about this in previous columns. First, they started by talking to me about flow. Then they asked me to travel within and notice where I was holding tension in my body. That was simple to do.

About a month later in a journey I was given the direct felt experience of the difference of gripping on to life and trying to control it rather than allowing myself to flow with where life was taking me to. I could feel how I was trying to hold on to my desired outcomes in a way that was not healthy for me or would help me manifest change. 

I feel that the key to healing for me and probably for others is to loosen our grip on life a bit more and enter in life’s flow.

We so often try to separate out the cycles of life instead of allowing our body to get a sense of how all the cycles flow together. Many of us work with the moon and separate out the practices and ceremonies that we perform on the new and full moon. All the phases of the moon are part of one cycle that organically flow together.

The seasons are not separate phases in our life. For the cycle of death and rebirth and all that occurs in between is all one organic cycle.

What is the effect on own organic sense of flow and timing in life when we keep trying to separate transitions instead of perceiving them as flowing from one cycle to the next? When we can do this, we get a different sense of how all changes we experience in our personal life and on the planet are all woven together. There are no separate events, separate phases of life. There is only one natural flow.

When we enter into that natural and organic flow, we embrace a deeper understanding of change and the gifts and teachings being brought into our life.

There is an entirely different dimension of reality we enter into when we step into the true flow of life. I work and use the metaphor of “The River of Life”. Some of you might prefer to focus on the inner flow of tides, changes in wind patterns as it continues to flow, or the different feelings and sensations you have when you lie on the earth.

Today there is so much talk about the shadow and light. And when we separate these cycles, we miss the finer details of the changing light that creates both the shadow and light. By sinking into the quality   changes of light we understand more of how the light and shadow are always intertwined and dancing with each other.  

I did post on Facebook recently, and I am including this post in this column as it is relevant to what to I am sharing:

We cannot change the past. But we can change the present and future.

We do this by diving deep into our spiritual practices while examining how we act, think, and behave towards others and all of life.

The shadow and light are all part of being alive on this planet. On a daily basis nature reflects back to us the power of these mighty forces that live within each of us.

We must embrace both as we are nature. The reason we were born is to experience the entire range of what it means to be human. By embracing both the shadow and the light we learn how to reconnect to a state of wholeness embracing both the beauty and challenges of life. The challenges help us grow and evolve into humans who carry such spiritual strength we can transform all that has occurred in the past. Building strong spiritual muscles to ride all the waves that life brings us is key to thriving.

If you look at old amazing trees the trunk often can look so twisted but yet the tree grows deep roots into the earth and splendid branches up high into the sky. These trees bring awe to us when we see their inherent beauty and strength. 

Nature teaches us the power of growing deep roots and branches like a tree no matter what happens to us in life.

Until we build strong enough spiritual muscles, we cannot be a true light in the world.

To add to what I wrote on Facebook I suggest observing the changing quality and cycles of light during the day.

Daily I watched my father follow the cycles of the light and also the setting sun. His most precious possession was his watch. He had a cheap watch that was stolen when he died. But no matter how ill he was or how deep into his dementia he was in, his anchor to life was his watch. I would sit with him each day and watch how he sat outside or inside tracking the changing light and marking the change by noticing the time. It helped him in some deep way.

I get a sense of the power of what he did and how he had his own sense of his inner flow and connection to life.

Watch the changing qualities of light during March where once again we are welcoming in a flow of one season into another as we celebrate the equinox.

I do believe strongly as we do this, we naturally build up the spiritual muscles we need to flow through the coming waves and changing cycles. We must enter into an organic flow reconnecting our energy with how life and nature move in order to swim through the present and coming waves.

This is an important practice to add to all we have been doing together over the years.

There are so many hectic and chaotic spiritual energies floating around in the collective right now. I truly believe if you enter into life’s flow you will not be impacted by these energies as you build up your spiritual strength.

Back in the 1970’s I received my BA in Marine Biology. I focused on the study of algae and also with a classmate performed significant research on hermit crabs. It was really crazy as my classmate and I statistically proved that if you give a hermit crab a larger shell it will also grow larger. This statistical study brought great attention to us, and we were offered a grant to continue our research. I am still pondering on the question of why science is so ready to fund research projects for something like this, which is so obvious.

Anyway, back to the point of my story. Every day I spent long hours at different locations on the Pacific Ocean south of San Francisco. I had all the information I needed about the time the tide would come in. But I would get lost in discovering the true unique living treasures in the ocean.  I forgot to look at my watch or focus on the changing light as the sun would rise and the tides would start to come in. Every day I would find myself moving from being able to walk in the tide pools to finding myself being taken under by a wave. I would find myself swimming in deep waters with my coat, hat, just trying to not go down and swimming as fast I could.

The teaching here is that when we enter into the flow of life we can swim with ease through the changes in life. When we try and think too much or lose track of the changing tides we can easily be taken down.

I am seeing this as a way to navigate the changes that we are experiencing in life. We need to pay attention to the changing tides and qualities of light or we can easily be tumbled around by a tide that came in we were not expecting. 

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The full moon is on March 1. And again, we flow into this phase of the full moon. There was a lot of energy building in the previous phases that led us to the exponential power of the full moon. We use this exponential power to continue weaving a radiant web of light and love within and throughout the Earth. Join our spiritual community which is truly one collective energy as we welcome in the grace of this phase of the moon to perform our spiritual work.

Keep sinking in deeper beyond ego and personality to allow your own inner divine light to shine through you. Our ego and personality are what keeps us in a state of control. Our inner divine light knows exactly how to enter into the flow. Perform your transfiguration work. Let your light flow effortlessly dancing with the light of our circle and shining strong like the moon and the stars in the night sky who reflect back to us our true spiritual identity and the strength of our own light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremony.


We greet the equinox together on March 20.  We welcome in spring and fall depending on which hemisphere you live in.

As soon as you read the Transmutation News start being aware of the changes of light. You can put a plant in your window and watch how the light shining on the plant changes each day. It does not matter if you live in the city or a suburban area. You can still watch the changing patterns of light during the day and watch the changing phases of the moon. It does not matter if the sun is shining or not. If you wake up your sensory awareness you will notice subtle changes in the light each day and notice how your body and mind is impacted.

No matter where you live look up towards the sky and let the sun bathe your body and eyes. At night go out and when possible, take a moon bath and let the light of the moon flood you with her changing quality of light.

It is all about noticing the changes in QUALITY of light. This is such an important body sensation for all of us to get. For we are falsely separating out the seasons and lunar phases when they are all part of one cycle. By separating out the cycles we are not honoring the change that also occurs between the shadow and light. This separates us from the true flow of “The River of Life”.

On the equinox design a ceremony you can perform to welcome in the equinox. It can be as simple as leaving offerings for the earth, air, water, and fire as the sun. Honor your ancestors and the spirit of the land you live on. Connect back into a state of oneness with all that Nature brings to us. Complete your work by giving thanks for your life. You might release something that is blocking you from moving forward with manifesting your dreams or sharing a prayer with the universal forces as well as earth, air, water, and fire.

If you have created a Prayer Tree, as I have been instructing you to do over the last few years, you might want to leave a prayer for healing or blessing on the tree. If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News you can read Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life to learn about creating Prayer Trees.

Sing, dance, read poems to the elements. Leave offerings where you live.

You can burn a piece of paper in a sacred bowl that has your request for healing or for a blessing. You might choose to blow bubbles into the wind or breezes. Or you can find a stone calling to you and place it in a body of water or bury it in the earth again with the intention you are asking for. Remember to always transmute the energy behind your thoughts to a vibration of light and love that feeds you and all in the web of life.

An issue shared: 

A good question/issue was sent in by one of the members in our circle. She shared that together with her husband they feel safe working with shamanic practices due to the fact that the current collective is supporting using shamanism only for healing and bringing through light. My response to this is that yes, things are changing. Slowly the old paradigm of the hierarchical and dark practices of shamanism are being replaced with life giving energies that create peace and harmony within all of us replacing the old paradigm. We still have a way to go as this paradigm has been in place for a long time.

But as the foundation of this paradigm continues to unravel it leaves more space for “conscious” practitioners to weave in loving and light energies into the fabric of the new paradigm that is now being created.

The key is to continue to do your own inner work and explore the projections and the thoughts that live inside you. And keep transforming and transmuting them to energies of light and step into your own spiritual power where you share your unique gifts collectively as you do your work. We are all interdependent on each other and the more light we shine, the more the past lineages can heal and harmony can be restored.   

I join with our community to wish you a bright and blessed equinox!


Copyright 2018 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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