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A couple of years ago Sandra taught a course titled “Working in Community”. Participants met for a four-day workshop. We focused on how we can use our thoughts and words to change our personal life and be in service to all of life on the planet. We learned how to dream into being the world we wish to live in. And we looked to how we could use the practices of gratitude, blessings, and transfiguration to support our personal lives and also the community we created.

We then did two years of regular teleconferencing where Sandra lectured and led spiritual practices. And we created a yahoo group where we could share our experiences of doing this incredible work for each other and ourselves. 

In January, 2012 Sandra started a six-month online course that was based on the Working in Community course. Once a month for six months she taught a live session where she lectured on material and lead spiritual practices to help anchor the work. There is also a forum that Sandra is a part of where we can share our experiences of keeping up with the practices.

The intention will be to use spiritual practices to help ourselves but also make a commitment to radiate light and send blessings to all in the course. And we will continue to share with each other over the six months on the online forum created by Sounds True.

In this online course we will create a virtual community committed to creating the inner landscape needed to give solid results in the outer world. We will learn to concentrate our thoughts and words so that we can produce our desired goal. And we will work together in full support of each other so that each person’s goals are exponentially met by the group’s energy.

For information and to purchase this course, click here.